The Body Shop Red Musk Perfume Review

Ah... The Body Shop White Musk. It brings back so many memories (not all of them good). Back in school it was THE fragrance to be seen with and on many occasions I doused myself from top to toe until I was virtually leaving a musk cloud behind me.

Thankfully those days are long gone, but there's always a special place in my heart left for the White Musk fragrance, so when I heard about the new Red Musk perfume launch from The Body Shop, I was intrigued.

The Body Shop Red Musk perfume

Red Musk is the latest launch in their musk family and is a grown up take on an old teenage favourite. What sets this musk apart from all the others is the total lack of floral notes. Yup, none at all! I love the fact there are none in the perfume - so many musk scents have always been a bit flowery for me, so if you've been looking for a floral-less musk, you're going to love it.

Instead of florals you'll find notes of cinnamon and tobacco flower, along with cruelty-free musk. It's warm, slightly spicy and definitely has an air of seduction to it.

There's a choice of sizes - a 60ml EDP will set you back £20 and a 100ml £30, making it very affordable for what smells like a high end perfume.

I definitely recommend popping into a store and having a sniff (and a spritz). I have a feeling it will be a love/hate reaction as it's quite different from their previous scents, but for me it's definitely my new favourite, and a musk scent I shall be happily spraying for months to come. Just in much smaller quantities than at age 14.

What do you think of the Red Musk scent? Does this sound like something you'd enjoy?

*PR sample

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