Introducing: Masque Bar face masks

A little while ago I was introduced to an exciting new face mask brand from Korea that have literally just hit the shelves in Boots.

Korea has been big on face masks for a long time and the sheet masks that are all the rage over there are slowly catching on here in  the UK.

Masque Bar have created a capsule collection of face masks*, each of which is designed to target a different skin concern. In the range there are two sheet masks - for anti-wrinkle and brightening, as well as two more traditional mud and cream masks which are great for pore-refining and anti-blemish.

Masque Bar face masks

Masque Bar face masks

The sheet masks in the range work in a similar way to traditional cream or mud masks, but instead of being applied direct to the skin, the product comes pre-applied on a paper mask which you then lay across your face and leave on for about half an hour. They look pretty odd while you're wearing them (think horror film character) and you'll need to keep moving around to a minimum to stop them slipping, but the effect is definitely worth it!

My favourite from the range us the Brightening mask - every time I've used it I've been left with brighter looking skin with a lot more radiance. 

The Pore Refining mud mask is also great for oilier skin types or those with oily t-zones; it's very effective at balancing the skin out without stripping away much needed moisture. I like to use this around my t-zone, which has a tendency to be more oily and needs a bit of help to remain balanced. 

All of the Masque Bar masks come in a packet of 3 and retail at £9.99 per pack. While the sheet masks are definitely one use wonders, I think the amount of product in the mud masks is a little on the generous side for a single application. I could easily get two uses out of each one, however they don't last well once opened and because I'm a once a week mask girl, I had to throw out my half-used sachet which was a bit of a shame.

You can find Masque Bar exclusively in Boots at the moment - look for them online or in the 'latest finds' stands in Boots stores.

Have you tried sheet masks before? Do you like the look of these ones from Masque Bar?

*PR samples


  1. My favourite sheet masks of all time are the Olay total effects ones. So much product in them and they leave your skin feeling really quenched and full of moisture. These look pretty good too!!

    1. Ooh, I will have to look into the Olay ones x

  2. I love how practical it is to use sheet mask, but I love the cream textured mask too :D


  3. They sound lovely, sheet masks are always quite refreshing x


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