Salon review: Andrew Jose London

I always liken finding the right hairdresser to finding the right boyfriend - it can take a lot of wrong ones to find the perfect match. So I was pretty pleased to find that my perfect salon was actually hidden away at the other end of the road from my office. Bonus! 

Andrew Jose is headed up by none other than the man himself and is just a few minutes away from Oxford Street. I popped along to his salon a little while ago to have a bit of a hair makeover. I'd grown bored with my traditional ombre and longish hair and needed to change it up a little. 

Andrew Jose London hair salon

Andrew Jose London hair salon hair makeover in progress

Andrew Jose London hair salon finished cut and colour

After a consultation with Andrew to discuss what I wanted to achieve my hair, a glass of chilled white wine was delivered (well, it was a Friday evening!) and the offer of some snacks if I was feeling a bit peckish. 

I'd decided to have a bit of a chop, so before having my colour put on, Andrew did a rough dry cut to ensure that we weren't wasting time dyeing loads of hair that was about to be cut off. I'd asked to have some sort of subtle shading added in - I loved my ombre but had grown a bit bored of it, so Rebeccah (my colourist) suggested adding some blonde just through the underneath of my hair around the face - framing it and lifting it slightly, but without the all over effect of my original ombre look. 

Rough cut done and bleach applied, it was magazine time and after about 30 minutes, it was time to remove the bleach and add a cool coloured toner to the bleached part of my hair. Then it was time for Andrew to return, perfecting the rough cut he'd done earlier, finishing it off with a few long layers and a seriously good fringe shaping. 

Finally I got to see the completed look and I was so happy with how it came out. I received the perfect length cut and although Andrew had dried it into soft waves, I've also worn it straight since my appointment and love the fact I can wear it in multiple ways. 

It's not often you find a salon that really listen to what you want when you walk in and I can't recommend them highly enough. The fact that it's a five minute walk from my office is just an added bonus - even if you're further away you won't regret travelling over to see them! 

A cut and finish with Andrew costs £150 (other stylists start from £50) and my colour was £85. 

*My visit was complimentary


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  2. OOh you look amazing! I love your hair x

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