Browhaus brow taming review and discount code

I've previously confessed to my complete lack of care and attention over my brows - I like to think I can get away with it because I have a fringe and the fact they are so blonde they are virtually invisible. The fact is, a good brow arch even makes a difference to my blonde catepillars, so after my recent confession, brow masters Browhaus invited me down for a bit of brow therapy.

Browhaus are brow specialists - they don't do anything else. I kind of like this - paying a visit to them means you know you're getting a brow expert rather than an all-round beauty therapist and boy do they know their stuff.

Browhaus brow salon sign

Post Browhaus eye brow threading
Yes, I know that you can barely see my brows, but I promise they are super tidy post-appointment!
They're based in Covent Garden, hidden away from the main drag a little on Floral Street. They actually share the building with sister company Ministry of Waxing (who I've written about here), who are the best people to go and see if you ever fancy a brazilian.

As this was my first visit to Browhaus, I opted to just have a quick brow tidy up, however they also offer tinting services and a 'Brow Resurrection' - a more permanent solution for people who might have over-plucked or lost the hair in their brows.

The treatment room at Browhaus is a little different from the norm - you actually lie down flat for your treatment which I have to say is a lot more relaxing than leaning back in a chair! My therapist Priya had a good look at my brows and asked what sort of shape I was after, and after explaining which bits she was going to focus on, set to threading away at my brows.

Threading uses a special method of hair removal using cotton thread, and while it's not particularly painful, I do find it always makes my eyes water like you would not believe! Luckily the treatment only took about 5 minutes, and after applying some cooling cream to my brow area, I was ready to go.

I was really impressed with the service at Browhaus - they certainly know their stuff and even with my super light brow hairs I could see the difference having a decent shape put back in had made to my face. since then, I'm a lot more confident at adding a little colour to them - I no longer have to hide those brow caterpillars in shame!

Discount code

A brow threading usually costs around £16, however the lovely team at Browhaus have given me a discount code for you to use to get 25% off all of their brow services for new customers. You just need to book via one of their social media channels (Twitter or Facebook) and quote 'Browhaus UK - August Promotion'. this is valid until the 15th August, so do get in touch with them - your brows won't regret it!


  1. I love Benefit Brow bar, it was amazing!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Oh what an amazing offer, I need to sort mine out now they have grown slightly. It always makes me nervous after a bad experience x


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