Skincare favourites for dry and sensitive skin

I'm a big believer in having a good skincare regime - if your skin looks good, you need less makeup, so it's generally a bonus all round. My skin often tends to be slightly oilier in the summer, but still suffers from dehydration and can be quite sensitive from time to time. 

I've been testing out lots of skincare over the past few months and wanted to share some of my favourites for anyone with dry, dehydrated or slightly sensitive skin. 

Bioderma Anti-Redness Care Moisturiser- a non-scented, lightweight moisturiser, I found this great for use in the day time when you need some hydration but don't want anything too heavy. It's lack of perfume makes it great for more sensitive skins and while it's aimed at calming redness in skin, I think it's a great bet for anyone who has issues with perfumed products. I did find out (virtually at the end of my tube) that it contains mineral oil, which is an ingredient I usually try to avoid, however I've had no issues at all with it in this product. Mineral oil is designed to stop moisture escaping from the skin, but does have a reputation as a bit of a pore blocker, so if you know you don't get on with that ingredient, it's probably best to avoid this one. £16

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Cleanser* - I'm totally obsessed with the hydrating mask from this range, which my skin literally vacums up, so it was great to see that the cleanser is just as good! It's quite a rich, creamy textured cleanser that smells divine (good rose smell, not old granny rose smell) and I find it best used massaged into dry skin and removed with a warm flannel. If you have oily skin, this will be too heavy for you, but I love to use it at night as my second cleanse to get skin completely clean, but with no dried out feeling. £25

Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 Cleanser* - Bee Good skincare is a natural brand that harnesses the healing powers of beeswax, honey and propolis to create products that really make a difference to your skin. This is a rich, creamy cleanser that's great for cleansing without stripping and leaves skin feeling super clean and really soft at the same time. It's best used with a muslin cloth or flannel for removal, and is one of my favourite products to use in the evenings. At £11.50 for a 100ml tube, it's also great value.

Heal Gel Face* - fear not, the tiny tube in the photo is just a sample size that I am currently rationing until I can order my next full sized-bottle (I've already used one!). HealGel Face is one of those amazing all-rounder products. It works for pretty much every skin type, and can be used by even super sensitive skins as it was originally created with post-plastic surgey patients in mind. The texture is very lightweight and yet hydrating at the same time - two pumps should be enough for most skins in place of your usual morning moisturiser. If you're very dry, you might need to top up with an oil or a richer cream, but I'd definitely recommend giving this a try. £48

Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser* - This lightweight gel texture cleanser from Dermalogica is amazing at removing makeup and cleansing your skin without any harsh feeling at all. I love to use it in the mornings - massaging into my skin and then removing with a warm flannel. It's unscented and aims to help reduce redness in the skin, something which I've definitely noticed over the past few months. This is something i'm quite susceptible to, and i've definitely noticed a reduction in redness in my cheeks. Massive thumbs up Dermalogica. £26.90

Have you tried any of these products before? What's your top tip for dry or sensitive skins?

*PR samples


  1. I am a huge fan of HealGel Face, my skin loves it x

  2. I haven't tried Dermalogica before but I"m always intrigued by it. I love Bioderma products too because it comforts my skin ;)

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  3. Love HealGel Face too. My skin really took to it. Keen on trying the cleansers you mentioned.

  4. I'm dreading my HealGel Face running out, it's so expensive! I do love it though xx


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