Blogging tips: my blogging on the go essentials

Having a full-time job and running a blog can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to making sure you still have enough time for a 'real' life as well. I love blogging, but to help me make the most of my time, I often find myself preparing a lot of content while I'm on the go. Here are a few of my top tips and essential items to make the most out of your time.

blogging on the go essentials ft. diary, pen and nokia lumia 1020

Notepad and pen - Old school, but I like it! There's something so satisfying about writing down ideas on paper instead of electronically. I tend to keep a small notebook with me at all times to record future blog post ideas or interesting things I've seen. It's also great for keeping track of my to do list - i have separate ones for photos I need to take and posts that need to be finished off - I have to keep myself organised or it all turns into chaos!

Apps - I do a lot of my prep work for posts while I'm on my daily commute to and from my day job. Installing the Blogger app on my phone has been a total lifesaver as then I can draft content for my posts while I'm out, before adding images and tweaking the copy when I get home and I'm on my laptop. I also like to use Instagram for sharing photos of new launches (and cake), plus Twitter and Facebook for sharing content and interacting with people.

Camera - I have recently invested in a DSLR camera which I use to take a lot of my product shots at home. It's not always practical for me to bring this to work though, so I rely on the camera on my Nokia Lumia 1020* to take snaps at after-work events and launches. This isn't just your bog-standard phone camera - it can deal with depths of focus to get lovely blurred out backgrounds and has a 41 megapixel capability (which is insanely big), meaning that the photos it takes are always of a good quality and ones that I can upload straight into my blog posts.

Diary - I'm not a naturally organised person, so in order to keep track of upcoming events and plan out my blog post schedule, I keep my Cath Kidston diary with me at all times- if I don't write it in the diary, I'm probably going to forget!

Scheduling - to make the most of limited time, I often schedule blog posts for the week ahead, along with some Tweets and Facebook posts. This really helps me to plan ahead, keep organised and ensure I can promote my blog posts when I'm not able to tweet in real time.

What are your blogging essentials? How do you make the most of your blogging time?


  1. Great post Kat! I don't think I'd be able to blog at all if scheduling didn't exist! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. Thanks for the tips, really helpful! :)

    Cup of loveliness

  3. Great tips. I swear by a blog planner and scheduling. Mean when I get a free evening I can get about a weeks worth of posts organised and ready to go.

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  4. I need to schedule more - I always forget. I couldn't leave home without a notebook & pen. I am such a list maker. Keeps me organised

  5. I try to set aside an hour a day to work on blog stuff, that way I always feel I have time!


  6. I've been meaning to get a planner of some sort for my posts. And scheduling is so useful, I used to immediately publish but now I schedule in advance and it gives me such peace of mind haha!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames


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