Kitsch handmade hair ties

No kink hair ties seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment - there are lots of brands to choose from, but none that are doing it quite like Kitsch. 

Kitsch are an American accessories brand that make super cute hair ties, along with jewellery, candles and lots of other hair accessories. Their hair ties are designed to be seen - each set has different designs and slogans, featuring every print from tie dye to glitter. 

Kitsch hair ties

They've all been handmade and are created in a way that doesn't leave big kinks in your hair when you wear them. You can easily pop your hair up in a ponytail for an exercise class or a day at work and then take it out without the usual tell-tale dent in your hair. In between uses, they're pretty enough to wear on your wrist - they remind me a bit of a festival band. 

I absolutely love these ties - I'm not particularly imaginative when it comes to my hair, but I feel like these help to liven up my bog-standard ponytail or bun a little without the need to add lots of different accessories. 
They are bringing out a few new designs in September - the coffee set (shown above in the picture) I can see being super popular and there's even a set that features bacon and eggs! 

The hair tie sets contain between 5 and 8 ties each depending on the design and retail for approximately £7 - £9 per set. You can order directly via their website, just bear in mind that they are sending from the US so allow a bit of extra time if you're buying them as a gift. 

Do you like the look of these hair ties from Kitsch?

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  1. They look really good, I would love to have some :)


  2. I love these 'no-kink' hair ties! I don't know how we all lived so long without them! These designs are beautiful!


  3. These are adorable, might have to check them out xx

  4. These look so cool :)


  5. I've never tried a no-kink hair tie, do they actually work?? I find it really hard to believe that they don't leave some kind of tell-tale kink in your hair!

    Jade x
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