Little bit of blog love April

This month's blog love post features a round up of some of my favourite posts from the past few weeks. There's quite a variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and I hope you find some exciting new reads!

Pampered Prince - why cleansing is so important - Andy dispels the myths around cleansing and tells us how to make sure we're doing it properly in this skin care post.

Frock Me I'm Famous - Post Holiday SOS Skincare - I've loved seeing Hayley's travel blog posts over the past few weeks (I think it they will make anyone want to go to Thailand!), and this post features lots of products to help with post-holiday skin.

Zoe Newlove - Williams and Coburn Loreal Colour Trophy Experience - Zoe talks about her modeling and showcases some amazing hairstyles, I LOVE Zoe's new bob!

Laura Lou Beauty - Brow, Brows, Brows - the best post I've seen on brows and top brow products for a very long time. Fantastic for any brow questions you might have and I now have a list of brow products I need to buy after reading this.

The Black Pearl - Homemade Nut Milks with Vitamix - I've been giving almond milk a try after trying to avoid cow's milk, and I love the idea of making it myself at home. Sandra's post explains exactly how to do this and makes it sound so simple!

The Love Cats Inc - Easter Bunny Nail Art - Easter might be over, but I think these cute bunny nails are perfect for any time of year. Helen's easy to follow tutorial is something I will definitely be trying over the next week or two.

What's been your favourite blog post of the past few weeks?


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