Colour and mood - what does your favourite say about you?

Colour. It’s something that we see every day but often take for granted how a change of colour can make us feel. This time of year, we get to see so many happy colours – pink cherry blossom on trees, beautiful tulips and even woodland bluebells, but do many of us feel the same about our clothes?

I love black. I feel completely myself in a monochrome outfit and if you peeked inside my wardrobe, you’d see a lot of black and white! To stop it all getting boring, I use bright accessories and the occasional bright item to liven things up a little. A hot pink pair of shoes, or a flame red bag and always, always, always, bright nail polish.

Now that we’re fully into spring, a mint green jumper has become my ‘go-to’ piece in my wardrobe as it makes me feel happy, even when it might be raining outside! Wearing the right colour can make our complexions look brighter and healthier and even make us smile that bit easier. New Look have done a lot of research on the topic of colour and mood and have put together a really interesting info-graphic about how different types of colour can influence us, and what might suit you best.

View the full Colour and Mood graphic by New Look

I’d love to know what’s your favourite colour to wear and why. Are you a monochrome lover like me or do you branch out into pretty pastels and bold brights?

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  1. im often described as a "goth", I wear black, all the time! it makes me feel like me, I don't feel like myself if im not wearing it, I wear grey, red or purple sometimes but mainly black :) its part of who I am.

    Catherine x



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