EcoTools launch hair brush range

Eco-friendly brand EcoTools are set to launch their first range of hair brushes in May. I'm a big fan of EcoTools makeup brushes as they're great quality, cruelty free  and a really good price. The hair brushes definitely follow that trend, with a total of five new hair brushes in the range.

Each has been designed with aerodynamic EcoVents, which allows hair to be dried up to 20% faster than regular brushes. The bristles are all synthetic but mimic the effect of standard boar hair bristles found on many good quality brushes, providing a similar experience but without the need for any animal products. Like the rest of the Eco Tools range, they all come with bamboo handles and recycled packaging - another eco-friendly plus point.

The range: 

Sleek and Shine Finisher - this distributes hair's natural oils to help protect it, making it look shiny and sleek. It can be used by all hair lengths.

Styler and Smoother - a three in one brush, this will style, smooth and gently detangle. Good for use with all hair lengths, it has a comfort cushion and soft ball tips.

Full Volume Styler - the big sister the the Quick Volume Styler, this is a larger round brush, perfect for blow drying medium to long hair

Smoothing Detangler Brush - for all hair types, this will gently detangle hair, smoothing at the same time

Quick Volume Styler - great for blow drying short to medium length hair, this round brush makes styling and adding volume easy

All of the brushes are really lightweight - I find blow drying my hair quite time consuming and usually end up with a an achy arm after I've finished, but these make a big difference as they don't weigh your arms down. My favourite is probably the Sleek and Shine Finisher - it helps keep my fine hair tangle free, while also making it look lovely and shiny.

These are definitely dressing table brushes - they're quite big, so I wouldn't recommend popping one in your handbag for use on the go (unless you have a really big bag!), but they're fantastic quality and at £10.99 each, really affordable. I'd love for them to release a travel size version in the future, so will be keeping my fingers crossed they expand the range.

The brushes are due to launch in May, however some larger Boots stores have already snuck them onto the shelves, so if you're super keen to check them out for yourself, I definitely recommend a trip to Boots!

Do you like the look of these brushes?



  1. Oooh I like the look of this. I love Ecotools face brushes and I know they're completely different things but I hope that they will live up to the same standard :)

    Roo xx

    1. I think these are just as good as the makeup brushes :)

  2. They look great, I need a new hair brush for blow drying (I've only got a Tangle Teezer which I love but I don't use it when drying my hair) I would go for the Quick Volume Styler xx

    1. these will be perfect for blow drying! I love my tangle teezer too :)

  3. Excited for these to come out - love their makeup brushes! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. I love the look of these brushes, I have a couple of Eco Tools makeup brushes are they are amazing quality!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. they're amazing quality, especially given the price! x

  5. Ooh exciting! I love EcoTools makeup brushes so have to try these. I think the Sleek & Shine Finisher will be my favourite too.
    Rosie x

  6. Must buy NOW! Very excited to see these so I'll be keeping an eye out at my local Boots x

    1. do keep your eyes peeled - I spotted them in one of the London ones the other day x

  7. I've only recently tried EcoTools make-up brushes but I love my eyeshadow one and I'll definitely be looking out for the brushes when they go into stores!


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