Joan Collins Timeless Beauty makeup review

Joan Collins has always been one of my guilty pleasures, so when I heard she was releasing her own line of makeup, I let out a little bit of a squeal.

Timeless Beauty was originally developed with more mature women in mind, but the classic packaging and range of shades means it’s pretty accessible to all ages. The vintage inspired gold packaging looks really expensive and is definitely something you wouldn't mind getting out of your handbag for a cheeky top up on the tube.

Joan Collins timeless beauty makeup

Joan Collins timeless beauty makeup

Joan Collins timeless beauty makeup paparazzi lip and powder duo

Joan Collins timeless beauty makeup paparazzi lip and powder duo

Joan Collins timeless beauty makeup velvet blusher
Joan Collins timeless beauty makeup swatches
Fontaine lipstick and Velvet Blusher swatches
I’m a big lover of vintage accessories and use an original 1960s compact mirror, and these products really remind me of something that could be kept for a long time and treasured.

Inside the range, you’ll find lipsticks, blushers, nail polishes ad powder compacts, plus a gorgeous lipstick/powder duo that’s perfect for top ups when you’re out and about. All of the shades have been named after Joan Collins characters from some of her famous shows, giving you the chance to be Alexis for a few hours (woo!).

I’ve been testing out a couple of the products and have to say, I’ve been impressed. The Velvet Blusher* is very finely milled and quite light in terms of pigmentation, but lasts all day and has a very subtle shimmer with no sparkly effect. It comes with its own applicator brush which I’d normally advocate just throwing away, but this one is pretty good quality and will perform well if you need a top up throughout the day.

My favourite product has to be the Paparazzi Ready Lip and Powder Compact Duo*. Inside, you find a full sized lipstick (you choose the shade, mine is called Fontaine), and a neutral face powder with applicator puff. The lipstick is really creamy and leaves lips feeling hydrated, but without a greasy texture. The powder is also finely milled and while not translucent, will work for most light to medium skin tones.

Now, the price point is definitely high end – blushers are just over £20 and the duo is almost £30, but I think they’re worth a little splurge.

You can find the Timeless Beauty range online at QVC - do you like the look of this makeup?



  1. The lipstick and powder duo is such a good idea! I'm surprised no other brands have thought of it (as far I know anyway) xx

  2. I have no words for this other than wow because it is fabulous x

  3. That lipstick is gorgeous! Such a pretty shade. I like the look of this collection & the packaging pretty & a little luxurious

  4. I adore the look of the packaging! The lip stick is incredible! *want* *NEED*!

    Becki from www.lifelooksperfect.com xx


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