Purifyne Juices Til Dinner cleanse review

Juice detoxes have risen in popularity over the past few years, and claim to not only help you lose a few pounds, but also give your body a bit of a boost. Traditionally, you go on a bit of a food fast – taking in nothing but fruit and vegetable juice, water and herbal teas for a set period of time.

I’m what you call a hungry person. I really like eating – it doesn’t matter if it’s a salad or a cake, I just like eating (ok, I probably like eating the cake a bit more, but no-one’s a saint). The idea of chewing nothing for 3 days put me off juice cleanses before, but this was until I found out about Purifyne’s Juices Til Dinner Cleanse*.

Juices til Dinner is just that – you juice through the day and have a small, healthy meal about 6pm. Purifyne say that this is great for juicing novices like me, or for those who have hectic schedules but still want to juice. 

Inside your Juices Til Dinner cleanse kit you’ll find: three juices per day, a bottle of coconut water, a 500ml bottle of spicy lemonade, superfood greens powder, liver support tablets, full instructions of what to take and when, plus recipe ideas for your evening meal. On top of this, you also get to choose between an at home enema kit (yes, really), or some Colosan powder, which my work colleague kindly pointed out looked a bit like talcum powder in a bag. This is a herbal laxative that has a similar effect to the enema, but is mixed into a drink rather than requiring a bath and some assistance. I went for option B – the Colosan powder.

My parcel was hand delivered to my office at 9am on the first day of my cleanse. As all of the juices are freshly pressed and don’t contain any preservatives, if you’re juicing for 5 days or more, then you can expect to receive two deliveries during your cleanse. My package had everything I needed in order to complete the three days, so after a hot water and lemon, I set off on my first supplements and juice of the day.

Every morning starts the same with a Liver Bliss juice – this was a yummy mix of apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger and I could quite happily have drunk this every morning for a month. The other juices vary – you get to choose which ones you drink at lunchtime and mid afternoon, so I tried to have a good mix between the green, more vegetable based juices and the slightly sweeter fruity ones. I didn’t come across any that I really couldn’t drink – even the super green ones were quite palatable, although one did have quite a strong celery taste that I wasn’t overly fond of.

For the first day of my cleanse I honestly felt fine. I was very excited by the whole thing and although I was ready to eat my evening meal by the time 6pm rolled around, I hadn’t got to the horrible ‘empty’ place I usually get when I don’t eat for a while. By day two (Saturday), I was feeling pretty energetic until about 2pm when I started feeling quite cold, tired and generally pretty irritable. That feeling carried on for much of the day and into Sunday, but I kept drinking my juices and eating my small, healthy meal in the early evening. 

After the three days were up, I tried to make sure my food choices were better than they had been before the cleanse. More veg, fruit, meat and fish along with lots of good fats and small amounts of carbs. I definitely noticed that after the cleanse my tummy was a lot flatter and my skin looked really healthy and had a bit of a glow to it. I’m really pleased that I did the cleanse, however I don’t know if I would do one again. The juices were really tasty, and I even enjoyed the green superfood powder (something which I will be adding into my daily regime), but if I’ve learnt one thing from this, it’s that I get seriously Hangry (angry when hungry).

I think that these types of cleanses are great if you’ve over indulged and are looking to detox, or want to kick-start a new way of eating – I know that the few pounds I lost spurred me on to eat a lot better ever since and up my fruit and veg intake which had been pretty poor beforehand! You will need to make sure you don’t stray too far from a loo (sorry, but eating no food and drinking 3 litres of fluid a day makes you pee. A lot.) and I’d also recommend doing it when you have chance to take it easy – over a weekend worked best for me.

Purifyne offer a range of different juice cleanses from a one day taster, right through to bridal plans and anti-ageing cleanses. I definitely recommend considering them if you’re thinking of cleansing – they offer a great amount of support over email if you have any questions and were very helpful in helping me make the right choice about which plan to take.

The Juices Til Dinner cleanse costs £199 for three days and £285 for five days. Have you tried a juice cleanse before? What are your thoughts?

*PR sample



  1. I'd love to give it a try but feel this is a little out of budget as a Mum of two lol. X

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. I'd love to do a juice cleanse but they are so expensive. I like that you can still eat a light dinner with this one though as like you, I need to chew!

  3. It’s a good idea to have a kit for a cleanse - this one look really good. Just need the willpower now! x

  4. I'd love to give this a whirl; I really need something like this to kick me off with my healthy eating and losing a few lbs! Just wish I could afford it! xx



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