Katy Perry Color Pop lashes Ka-Boom

The Katy Perry Color Pop range* is part of a collection from Eylure. I really like Eylure lashes - they always seem to be good quality and have lots of different styles to choose from.

I love big, bold lashes, and often pull out a pair of falsies for a big night out, however these are a bit different from my usual lashes as they contain a mix of blue tinted fibres in with the black ones. You may be wondering 'oh god, is the 90's coming back to haunt me'? Well, let me show you how they look and you can decide for yourself! 

In the packaging, the blue tint is definitely more subtle. It wasn't until I applied these that I could see how blue they really were. The lashes themselves are pretty big, and definitely not for a daytime look, but are good for those nights when you want something a bit more dramatic.

I found them quite easy to apply, and the lash glue included with the lashes was pretty reasonable (although I still prefer DUO). I had to trim them a little to fit my eyes and the final look is below:

I think these might need a little more trimming. 
I quite like them. They certainly make a change from plain black, but I'm conscious that I would need to be careful with my makeup when wearing them to avoid looking like Pat Butcher. 

As well as the blue, they also make them in purple and peacock shades, along with a set of single lashes that contains all three colours. Out of the four, I think the singles are most practical as they give you a hint of colour without being too obvious.

Each set costs £6.45 and can be bought online from Look Fantastic.

*This post contains a PR sample. My views are honest as always. 



  1. I love these lashes and the colours add fun - perfect for the summer!


  2. These look fab, so pretty!
    Kirsty x


  3. Love the effect and colour, they would be perfect for a night out :) x


    1. definitely :) I will be wearing mine again soon for a night out x

  4. WOW those are huge! I never ever wear false lashes because I think they look silly on me :( You look great in them though - and the colour is so fun!



    1. thank you :) I think everyone can look good with lashes on, it's just finding the right ones. Maybe try individual ones first? x

  5. These look so pretty! I love these lashes - been eyeing them up myself for a while but i'm rubbish at applying them! X

    1. Try tweezers - it makes applying them a bit less fiddly! x

  6. They're lovely and full, the colours more of a tint. One day I will master falshies! x

    1. I used to make my boyfriend apply mine for me ;) just takes a bit of practice! x

  7. these eyelashes look great, definitely trying now!

    Great blog!



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