Guest post: Bright Town Girl - my favourite blushes

Hello everyone I’m Alice from the blog Bright Town Girl. When Kat asked me to guest post I wasn’t sure what to write about but we both decided I should write about my top 5 blushes as apart from nail polish it’s one of my favourite beauty items.

I thought I would find it near impossible to choose just 5 but it turned out a lot easier than expected. It seems I have 5 blushes that I reach for on a regular basis or I reach for if I am just not sure what to wear. So these are the ones I am sharing with you today.

One of my all-time favourite blushes has to be Laura Mercier Peach Whisper. This is a matte peach blush that just adds a slight flush of colour to the cheeks. It is easy to wear and just adds a pop of colour to any look.

Another blush from Laura Mercier that has made it into my top 5 is Lush Nectarine. This is a gorgeous coral shade that gives a lovely glow to the cheeks and last all day. This is one of the many reasons why I love Laura Mercier blushes, it’s still there when I take my make up off at night.

If I am wearing a bright lip or a smokey eye I tend to go for a more subtle look on the cheeks. Tarte Blush in Exposed is one I reach for a lot. It is a pink/brown matte colour that sculpts the cheeks perfectly.

Another blush that has a similar effect is Liz Earle Nude. This has a bit more pink to it compared to expose but still acts like a contour more than a blush and gives the illusion of cheek bones.

Lastly is the blush in Expose from Illamasqua. I would describe this as a burnt orange colour which doesn’t sound that great but looks gorgeous on. It gives a lovely peach/orange colour to the cheeks which just brightens up your face. It is great for any time of the year and with any look.

So that’s my Top 5 blushes, I would say they are all fairly similar but they work well with my skin tone and I just love them all.

Do let me know what your favourite blushes are, I am always looking for new blushes.

A big thank you to Alice for sharing her favourite blushes - I've seen photos of her collection and it's huge! Make sure you check out her blog: Bright Town Girl.


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    1. no problem - come back and post again soon :)

  2. What a gorgeous selection of blushes! Guest posts are such a good idea!

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    1. Alice has excellent taste in blushers :) x

  3. hey hey!! i did a similar post id lovelovelove if you could possibly check it out! as my blogs pretty new xxxxx



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