Lush Golden Wonder bath bomb review

I made my first purchases in Lush for many years recently, after being really impressed with some of the products I'd seen on other blogs. I find the scent of the shops quite overwhelming, but took a deep breath and went in!

One of the products I came home with was the Golden Wonder bath bomb. Part of the Christmas range, it's a large, square bath bomb in the shape of a present, which rattles when you shake it (it really plays up to my inner child!).

It costs £3.25, which for a single use is quite expensive, but once it gets going, it's definitely worth it. It has a fresh, citrusy smell and contains orange oil, congac oil and lime oil. 

I popped it in the bath, and it went crazy! The water went gold, then yellow, blue and then little stars starting coming out. It was a bit like a firework in your bath. 

My skin felt lovely and soft when I got out of the bath, however I was left with a dirty gold residue on my bath which needed scrubbing off, but I didn't mind after having such a lovely experience. 

I will definitely be going back to Lush for some more of these! 


  1. Ahh I love Lush, try the Snow Fairy star wand bath thingys, they smell amazing x

    1. Thanks for the tip - i will check that out next time i'm in lush

  2. another thing to add to my chrismas list

  3. Oh - love this! Sounds and looks gorgeous :)

    Lela - http://www.LelaLondon.com

  4. perfect stocking filler - I need one of these in my life! :O)

  5. They sound amazing, love having a big relaxing bath!




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