Amarya beauty box December 2012 review

This months Amarya box seemed to come early and after reading reviews of last year's December box, I was eagerly waiting to see what was inside.

I was a little disappointed to see another selection of travel sized products rather than a full size one, but it has a good variety and is full of products I will definitely try.

My favourite product is the Neom Complete Bliss bath oil. It's only a dinky bottle, just enough for one bath but it smells divine and I'm looking forward to try it.

The other three main items are all by the same brand: Sophyto. For some reason they included two moisturisers, one omega moisturiser and the other is a balancing moisturiser. I think the omega is more suited to my dry skin, but I'll give them both a try. There is also an exfoliating treatment which I'm looking forward to trying.

The Sophyto products all use natural ingredients that are anti-ageing and I'm intrigued about trying this new brand.

The last item is a small sample of Undergreen White perfume. It smells lovely and fresh, but I'm a bit disappointed at the small size (typical free sample vial).

All in all not a bad box, but compared to last years which contained a full size REN Christmas set, not quite as exciting!


  1. That Neom bath oil is just lovely. Smells amazing. I have the set of the small bottles and used one last night, could smell it all over the house!

    Lola xx

    1. I'm really looking forward to it. It's actually my first Neom product! I keep smelling the candles in Heal's, but have yet to buy one ;)

  2. I love the NEOM bath oils - they are amazing! I'd have loved to have received a full set of the mini ones! x

    1. oooh, now that would have been a good box!

  3. I'm not overly impressed with this box, I always find it a bit hit and miss with beauty boxes



    1. They can definitely be a bit hit and miss sometimes. I think a lot of people were hoping for an amazing box as its Christmas.


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