The winterlicious tag

I was tagged by the lovely Laura over at A day in the life of a Scottish Lass to do the Winterlicious tag, and i've had great fun putting these answers together - I hope you enjoy reading it!

What is your most worn Winter clothing piece?
Probably my vintage faux fur coat. It keeps me lovely and warm and I wear it with everything.

What is your Favourite Christmas/Holiday Movie?
Hmmm...my favourite Christmas movie is Bad Santa as I think it’s hilarious, but I also love watching ET every year when it comes on. It’s one of the handful of movies that makes me cry.

What is your most worn Winter accessory?  
A scarf – I have lots. They vary from snugly snoods to vintage silk ones, but it’s very rare for me to go out without one into the cold.

What is your favourite Winter eye palette?
Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. I literally haven’t worn anything else for the past month!

What is your favourite Christmas food/treat?
Anything made with puff pastry. I don’t really eat it the rest of the year, but go a bit mental over Christmas.

What is your favourite every day Christmas perfume? 
I like Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs. It’s not particularly wintery, but I like it for every day as it’s quite fresh smelling.

What is your favourite Christmas/Holiday Song?
I like a lot of them – they have to be cheesy, and easy to sing along to. That’s pretty much my only criteria.

Favourite Christmas blusher?
At the moment I am loving my Topshop blusher in Prime Time. It gives a nice rosy glow like you’ve been outside in the snow.

What is your favourite Winter beverage?
Mulled Cider. We have a local Christmas event each year which involves lots of people shopping, eating and drinking and I love to get a hot mulled cider to wander around with.

What is your favourite Winter lip product?
Lip balm – all of them! My lips dry out this time of year, so I’m applying it constantly.

What is your favourite Winter scent/candle?
I’m not a massive fan of Christmas scented candles, but I prefer things that smell like a Christmas tree.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? 
Our tradition at Christmas is to open presents in the morning, have a lovely lunch and then watch a film in the afternoon – not very rock n roll, but I like it.

What is your favourite Winter Nail Polish?
Anything with glitter. If it sparkles, I’ll wear it!

What is at the top of your Christmas list?
Marc Jacobs Dot perfume – I have a bit of a thing for it and have been lusting after it for the past 3 months.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?
I’ll be spending most of it with my family. I’m even hosting Boxing day at my house for the first time which I’m really looking forward to.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Have a lovely christmas. Enjoy being the hostess on boxing day. :) x


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