Aldi Lacura Wrinkle Stop: £4.99 wrinkle killer?

On a recent trip to Aldi, along with a few Christmas nibbles, I picked up their Lacura Wrinke Stop pen. I'd heard about this via some forums and I thought it sounded like a possible dupe for Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum.

The Rodial product is a bit like liquid botox - I tried it out a few times and it basically freezes the skin around your eye, diminishing wrinkles (temporarily of course). Now, this retails at over £100, so I won't be buying it, but I thought that if the Aldi version did the same thing for under a fiver, I would be on to a winner.

Wrinkle Stop contains 'Syn-Ake' an ingredient that is based on the premise behind snake venom - freezing muscles/skin which then minimises wrinkles (don't worry, it doesn't actually contain any snake products).

It comes in a syringe style applicator, which you press down to release the product. Don't push too hard as I found that this violently squirts the cream across the room...oops.

It looks like a pretty standard eye cream once you get it out of the tube, and once applied, I waited for the numbing sensation to begin.

Sadly, I was underwhelmed, as it didn't really have the same effect as the Rodial product. I didn't really feel any numbing/freezing sensation and my wrinkles looked the same.

That said, it was lovely and hydrating and as an eye cream, works fantastically. They have conducted research on this product and have proved that it does help to reduce crows feet by 24% over 28 days, so I will carry on using it and see if it makes a noticeable difference.

It might not have had the same immediate sensation as the Rodial product, but nonetheless, I'm quite impressed by the quality of this cream (as an eye cream), and for the price, it's a bit of a bargain.


  1. wow great price for a cream, it doesn't matter if it doesn't do all it says al least it's a good moisturiser for your eyes :)

  2. I have heard fantastic things about the Lacura range, shame about the lack of numbing though.



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  3. I am super intrigued by this!!!! Please do a follow-up post when you've used it for a while!!! X


  4. Haha my mum bought me this and I didn't realise it was a dupe for the Snake Venom product, have to say I found the same as you it didn't really make much difference. although I was more insulted by mum who bought it for me to sort out my "deep wrinkles"... I'm only 23 lol x


    1. Maybe your mum's got the right idea... start while you're young - stay forever spring chicken. Don't you find it ironic how most start using these anti-ageing products when it's too late?

  5. this looks good, i think im going to give it go. not surprised though that it didnt have the same effect than the Rodial stuff hah. i mean yeah high-end products like that are extremely price-markedup but still, im sure to SOME extent it really IS more expensive to produce if it does have the things in it that Rodial claim it has! aldi is good, but not in this regard hah ♥

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