The very best highlighters that'll give you cheekbones of joy

The very best high end skin highlighters and illuminators
The very best high end skin highlighters and illuminators
The very best high end skin highlighters and illuminators
The very best high end skin highlighters and illuminators
I don't really think there's such a thing as too much highlighter - I know I certainly take that approach in the mornings, so forgive me if I blind you with my glistening cheekbones. I've tried a LOT of highlighters that wear off throughout the day and just leave giant bits of glitter behind, as well as some that don't seem to do much no matter how much product you slap on. So here are my top recommendations that will give you cheekbones of joy. Promise.

Bare Minerals Lovescape Ready Colour Boost - I think Bare Minerals have really upped their game over the past few years and the new collection is one of my favourites. The Lovescape highlighter is a two-toned powder that adds a very summery glow to the skin, without going down the traditional bronzing route. Both shades are large enough to use alone if you want to, but my preference is to swirl them both together with a big fluffy brush and apply all over. It's limited edition, so track one down asap while you still can. £24

Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere - as you'd expect from a Chantecaille product, it's seriously good. The gold tone almost disappears on the skin and just leaves behind the most amazing glow you could ask for. I think we can all agree that it's not an every day product at this price, but it's well worth the investment if you're feeling flush or have a special occasion coming up. It also works incredibly well when added to your foundation for 'lit from within' skin finish. Apologies for the enable. £33

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold - this is probably the closest I'll get to holding an actual gold bar, but that's ok as this one is pretty special in it's own right. As the name would suggest, it's a very gold toned highlighter, so if you prefer something more pearly it's not for you. That said, it's not too warm, so works well on all skin tones and has *just* the right amount of shimmer in it to retain a natural glow. £32

Perricone No Highlighter Highlighter - the name is a bit misleading as this is very clearly a highlighter, but it's one that looks incredibly natural on the skin, rather than one that's like 'HI, LOOK AT MY SHINY HIGHLIGHTING SKILLS'. Dab a little on straight from the bottle, blend with your fingers and ta da! You're all set to go. Super simple, super effective and although the bottle looks tiny, it goes a really long way. £29

Kiko Generation Next Mosaic Highlighter - I don't think this is available any more as it was part of a limited edition range a while back, but safe to say, if they make another one like it, buy two. It's the closest thing I've found on the high street to a Guerlain dupe and although it's not super intense in terms of highlighting, it diffuses the skin and gives a soft, gentle finish that can be used all over.

Christian Dior Diorific State of Gold Golden Light compact - there are two shades available in the Dior State of Gold range, both of which come in these super luxe gold compacts. The powder is very finely milled and has an iridescent finish to it - nothing glittery here! Sumptuous Pink (shown above)  is a better fit for cooler skins due to the pink tones and Luxurious Beige's gold tinge looks beautiful on warmer toned skin. £40

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Rosy Glow - Candlelight Glow has been a big Too Faced seller for a long time now, but they've recently launched some new shades which  are a much better fit for different skin tones. You'll get a soft, ethereal light to the skin, just don't be too heavy handed as it can look a teensy bit glittery if you do. £21

What are your favourite highlighters?

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