Healthy eating in London: Roots Juicery

Roots Juicery juice bar Fitzrovia London review
Roots Juicery juice bar Fitzrovia London review
Roots Juicery juice bar Fitzrovia London review - healthy snacks
Roots Juicery juice bar Fitzrovia London review - healthy snacks
Working in central London can be both a blessing and a bit of a curse when you’re on a healthy eating mission. There are loads of lovely places to choose from, but the temptation of burgers on every corner and Konditor and Cook brownies on the next street can sometimes make it a bit of a challenge! I mentioned adding in a few more lifestyle pieces to the blog in this post, and wanted to kick things off with some of my new healthier eating discoveries.

Juicing has been oh so trendy for a while now, with juice bars popping up left, right and centre. Roots Juicery are a new addition to the Fitzrovia area, sitting just on the corner of Goodge Street and Goodge Place (about 2 mins off Tottenham Court Road). All of their juices are cold pressed, raw, organic and unbelievably fresh. They make them in very small batches to ensure the freshness, and have a selection of 8 juices to choose from.

What’s great about these guys is that all of their juices are largely vegetables (around 70-80%), with just enough fruit to stop you gagging on the taste of liquefied kale. I tried a couple of their juices – number 2, 'The Big Cleanse', is a mix of pineapple, cucumber, apple, lemon, celery, leafy greens and romaine. It has a very light, slightly pineapple taste that would be super refreshing for a warm day. It's also super hydrating, alkalising and de-bloating.

Number 7, 'Pip Me Up',  is beetroot based with apple, carrot, beetroot, celery and parsely (don’t drink this wearing a white top) and is absolutely delicious. It’s a little earthy from the beetroot, with a touch of sweetness and one that I could easily drink every day. It's a really good immune booster, so definitely one to pick out if you're feeling a bit under the weather.

Alongside their range of ready-made juices, they also have a smoothie menu, which are blended freshly to order and a couple of nut milks that looked incredibly thick and creamy (thanks to their 25% nut content!). If you’re feeling peckish, make sure you check out the snacks – they have a range of raw and baked sweet treats that are all packed with good for you ingredients like chia seeds, quinoa and raw cacao. I took home a raw blondie (yum) which was instantly claimed by my boyfriend. He doesn’t really ‘do’ healthy cakes, so the fact that he absolutely annihilated it is testimony to how yummy it really is!

If you’re in the area, or visiting London and looking for a healthy place for a pit stop, I’d definitely recommend a trip to Roots Juicery. They’re hoping to expand out into sandwiches and salads over the next couple of months, so with any luck, it’ll be the perfect place for a summer lunch. They also do coffee, so you can get your caffeine fix alongside your juice.

Prices start at around £4.80 for a juice and £2ish for the healthier treats.


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