8 budget beauty buys I'm loving right now

The best high street beauty products
The best high street beauty products
I'm guilty of often being the high end enabler (#sorrynotsorry) so today I thought I'd change things up a little and highlight a few of my current high street heroes. Good beauty products don't have to be expensive after all!

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover – this stuff manages to melt away even the heaviest of mascaras and doesn’t sting or leave my eyes with that horrid filmy feel. It’s one of the few budget eye makeup removers I’ve found that I go back to time and time again and that fact that it’s usually on offer somewhere is music to my ears. £3.89

L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo – I reviewed the full Extraordinary Clay collection a few weeks ago and have since repurchased the dry shampoo at least twice (a girl’s got to have a backup). It’s lightweight, smells lovely and does a great job at refreshing my roots without leaving that tell-tale powdery look. £3.99

Berocca – ok, so not quite your traditional beauty purchase, but I have been feeling like crap lately and a daily Berocca has really helped me to shift those germs and not fall asleep at my desk. If you’re flying long haul anywhere, take a tube with you and have one every morning. I swear this was the key to my jet lag survival in New York (that and doughnuts, obvs)! £4.49ish

Kitsch summer hair ties – despite what the weather is currently telling me (it’s raining hard as I write this post), I’m all about summer at the moment and I’m convinced my optimism will help bring on some much needed sunshine. Just in case it doesn’t these summer-themed hair ties from Kitsch are my backup plan. After all, it’s hard to feel grumpy when your hair bobble has BANANAS on it. £7.50

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac – one of my New York regrets (other than only eating one doughnut) is not buying ALL the pocket bacs from Bath & Body Works. For some reason I thought 5 would be enough. I was wrong. These super cute bottles of hand sanitzer smells about 1453278 times better than any I’ve found in the UK and cost just over a dollar each when you bulk buy. If you’re headed to the US soon or live somewhere that Bath & Body Works actually ship to, BUY THEM ALL. $1.75

Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Cream – this one is lovely if you have dehydrated skin but can’t handle a crap ton of heavy moisturiser. The day cream is very lightweight, but super hydrating and sinks in quickly to leave nice plump skin. When the summer actually arrives and we all turn to lighter moisturisers, this one will literally fly off the shelves, so get in early and feel smug. £7.99

Lavera lip balms - I'm a self-confessed lip balm addict so usually have at least two floating around in my bag at any one time. Lavera are one of my favourites - they offer a natural way to hydrate the lips and have a lovely selection of tinted and non-tinted balms, all for around £4 each. The Rose one is great for adding a soft touch of colour to the lips, although I'm never far away from the Classic version!

Argan+ Cleansing Oil - my skincare shelf is is mostly made up of higher end products, but this is one high street product that I can't bear to be without. It removes every single trace of makeup without stripping the skin, and doesn't leave behind any oily residue like some oil cleansers can. It's also free of any crappy filler oils, instead relying on olive, rosehip and argan to do all the hard work. Find it at Waitrose (totally a good excuse to stock up on yummy snacks at the same time). £10.99

Have you tried any of these before? What are your favourite high street products?

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