FOREO Luna 2 - the cleansing device tailored for your skin type

FOREO Luna 2 cleansing device review
FOREO Luna 2 cleansing device review
FOREO Luna 2 cleansing device review
I have a couple of posts coming up about cleansing devices over the next few weeks, but I wanted to kick things off with the new Luna 2 from FOREO as I think these guys have really done a great job with tailoring a brush that can work with pretty much every skin type. Which let’s face it, isn’t easy to do.

Luna 2, as the name suggests, is the upgraded version of their original Luna cleansing device. Like an iPhone 6S if you will. Lunas look a lot different to your standard cleansing brushes – they’re made of silicone for a start and they don’t have any bristles. Instead, they have a whole load of little nobbly rubbery bits that gently clean your skin using sonic vibrations, giving you a really thorough cleanse.

I’ve mentioned my Luna Mini before, which is the perfect travel buddy (it lasts for over 200 uses on a single charge!). The Luna 2 is like the big sister to the mini – it’s much larger, has an anti-ageing side which can be used to help firm and lift the skin and is totally waterproof, so you can easily use it in the shower or bath. It lasts an impressive 450 uses on a single charge and has a timer to ensure you use it for the recommend 1 minute per cleanse (you really don’t need any more than that).

The best bit about the Luna 2 is that they’ve created four different versions, each aimed at specific skin types, so you can get a really personalised experience with your brush. Choose from: Oily, Combination, Normal or Sensitive. The cleansing surface on each one is slightly different – sensitive has more of the smaller nobbly bits for example, so is gentler on the skin. Each one is colour coded, which makes them really fun to keep out in your bathroom, but I have to say, it’d be nice to have a choice of shades in each type as not everyone with normal skin will want a bright pink one!

My personal preference is the Sensitive Luna 2 (the white one) as I’m prone to redness and my skin gets easily irritated and I’ve experienced none of that while using this device. I did give the oily one (the green one) a try and loved how clean my skin felt afterwards, but long term it would be too much for me to use on a daily basis, so I’ll be sticking to the Sensitive one instead.

You can use them with any sort of gel, liquid or creamy cleanser – the only one they won’t perform so well with is a balm as the oils don’t give enough lubrication for the device to work effectively.

If you’ve tried brushes before but haven’t gotten on with them, I’d highly recommend giving a Luna 2 a try. They’re at the top end of the market at £149 each, but I honestly believe that they’re worth the investment. You don’t have to buy replacement brush heads, so there’s no additional cost involved and due to the silicone design, are 35 times more hygienic than your traditional cleansing brush. So no more blemishes due to dirty brush heads.

You can find FOREO at Look Fantastic, the FOREO website and Selfridges.

Do you like the look of the new Luna 2?

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