Budget beauty: the best makeup brushes from Crownbrush

The best affordable makeup brushes from CrownbrushThe best affordable makeup brushes from CrownbrushThe best affordable makeup brushes from CrownbrushThe best affordable makeup brushes from Crownbrush
I’ve featured Crownbrush a few times before, as I think they have an amazing range of makeup brushes, all at really affordable prices. A little while ago, I headed out for afternoon tea with their team to stuff our faces on cake and take a closer look at their top ten brushes. As you can imagine, choosing just ten out of the hundreds they have on offer is pretty tough, but this superstar line up are their most popular sellers, along with a couple of makeup artist favourites that had to be included. I’ve chosen a few of my favourites that I think you really NEED to add to your brush collection – you won’t regret it, promise!

For the eyes:
C475 Silicone Angled Liner – I normally stay away from gel liner as I find it a bit messy, but this ‘brush’ is an absolute genius for getting a really close, fine line. The silicone tip is flexible without being too soft, so you can hug the line of your eye with ease. It’s also so quick to clean, making it a total winner in my books. £4.29

C441 Pro Blending Crease – Buy several of these. Just trust me, you really won’t look back once you do! It’s really versatile as you can use it to apply shadow, blend and even for applying concealer if you need to. It’s got just the right amount of fluffiness to it, blends eye shadow like a dream and is a seriously good dupe for a much pricier MAC 217. £4.29

For the face:
C473 Studio Pro Contour - This flat topped brush makes contouring seem so much easier. It’s just the right shape to fit under your cheekbone and the short, dense bristles means it works really well with either powder or cream products. Follow up with the C405 to help blend out your contour shades and your set to go. £10.74

C405 Angled Contour – I suspect we all have at least one brush this shape in our collections already as it’s so versatile! Crownbrush’s is no different – it’s the perfect size and shape for anything bronzer/blusher/highlighter related and works really well to blend out anything applied using your C473 Studio Pro Contour. £8.91

C406 Large Duo Fibre/C436 Mini Duo Fibre – With a mix of natural and synthetic bristles, these duo fibre products are great for all your base/concealer needs. The Mini feels slightly firmer than the Large, but both give a really even finish to the skin, especially when used with a liquid foundation. £9.99/£7.94

Have you tried anything from Crownbrush before? What are your essential makeup brushes?

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