The skincare shelfie: on rotation

One of the great things about blogging is that you often gain access to lots of new products that you might not necessarily have thought to try before. My bathroom shelves feel like they're in a state of constant movement - new products in, old products out (with a few exceptions that I cling on to and repurchase regularly). Here's what's currently on rotation...

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to eye makeup removers, so will often buy whatever's on offer in Boots. Nivea's 2 in 1 formula is a tiny bit on the greasy side, but I'll forgive it as it dissolves my 17,000 coats of mascara with minimal effort. Once all the eye makeup is off, the rest of my face gets a look in with either Oskia's Renaissance Cleanser *massive emoji heart eyes* or Bee Good's Cream Cleanser.

If you have dry/dehydrated skin I'd opt for the Bee Good as it's quite rich, but the Oskia one will work for any skin type. If I could used the word 'Bae' without wanting to vom, Renaissance Cleanser would be my all season Bae. It's not a good cleanse without the help of a warm cloth so I have a stash in my bathroom at the ready - Primark extra fluffy flannels for the win (none of this scratchy muslin cloth crap).

Night-time = oil time when it comes to moisturising as far as I'm concerned. I'm rotating between Goldfaden MD's rather fabulous (but pricey) Fleuressence, and Madara's Radiant Energy oil. Fleuressence has really saved my skin from it's usual chapped patches and oily bits this winter with its soothing, hydrating formula, whereas Madara's oil is great for waking up with brighter looking skin.

In the mornings, I'm currently using Elemental Herbology's Vital Cleanse which has a slight orangey scent thanks to all the skin-brightening vitamin C they packed in. It's a very gentle foaming cleanser that's great for getting rid of all the overnight skin grimness, but won't leave you with that horrid squeaky skin feeling.

I follow up with a generous helping of This Works Light Time Skin Plumper, which has a rather fantastic brightening, plumping formula. If you stayed up too late Sunday night feeding your Netflix addiction, a few pumps of this and no-one will be any the wiser. Elemis' Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is my go to eye product at the moment - it's lightweight but really gets to work on fine lines and dehydration. My bottle is almost empty and I'm definitely considering a repurchase.

What's your current favourite skincare product?

*contains PR samples

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