NIOD Photography Fluid review

NIOD’s Photography Fluid is having a bit of a moment right now. After its launch on QVC near the end of last year, it’s proved to be so popular that they’re struggling to keep up with demand. After hearing the lovely Stacey raving about it (and purchasing bottles for half of Dubai as it’s so damn good), I knew I had to get it on my face. Pronto.

In reality, Photography Fluid is a creamy, white serum that’s uses ‘light-refracting prisms and topical photo-finishing technologies’ to make your skin look amazeballs in photos and in the actual flesh.

They recommend you apply it underneath liquid foundation but the bottle also states you can use it instead of your normal base product. While it definitely gives my skin a more even finish, it’s not tinted in any way, so I suspect that the majority of us will use in underneath other products rather than alone.

There are no instructions on how much to use or where to place it, so I’ve been pretty liberal in my application and shoved it all over my face. Waste not, want not, right?

The final result has been pretty impressive. Not only have I ended up with that ‘glow’ I’ve always been searching for with my foundations, but it manages to do so without making look obvious that it’s down to a product, rather than just REALLY good skin. There’s no weird shine or greasy look – you literally GLOW. Think a really good highlighter, minus any sparkles.

Avoid getting slap happy with too much powder as it will dull the effect, but other than that, I don’t really have a bad word to say about this product. More instructions and a slightly better bottle would be great (the pipette design doesn’t work very well as the formula is so thick) but after a few days trial and error I’m totally in love and planning a bulk order.

At £20 a bottle, it’s still really affordable and well worth the investment. The only struggle is finding it in stock – you need to keep an eagle eye on the QVC site to track one down!

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