Invisibobble spring launches

Invisibobble spring launches - Power and Nano
I honestly can't tell you how much I love my Invisibobbles. Since discovering them a year or so ago, I've become a *tiny* bit obsessed and they're the only hair ties I reach for nowadays.

There are so many ties on the market that promise a no-kink finish, but Invisibobble are the only ones I've found that actually deliver - you can leave you hair up in a ponytail all day and you still won't get that horrible hair dent when you take it out. They also don't snag, don't give me a headache and if you're clever enough (I'm not) you can do some amazing styles with just a couple of Invisibobbles and no grips.

Their spring launches feature a whole heap of lovely shades, as well as the very exciting Power and Nano bands. Power have been designed for all you lucky ladies with super thick hair - they're bigger than the standard Invisibobbles, so are great if you've previously struggled to make them work due to their size.

On the other hand, Nano are teeny tiny (about a third of the size of your normal Invisibobble) and are great for very fine hair, or for tying up the ends of plaits and updos, where a normal-sized one would look silly.

Each type of Invisibobble comes in a pack of three, costing £1.49 for the Nano and £3.75 for the regular. It might seem a little pricey for a hair tie, but they're so long-lasting and gentle on your hair it's really worth the extra few pounds. I've been using some of mine for a year now and they're still in great shape. I've yet to snap one and if they stretch out of size, you can pop them in warm (not hot) water for a little while and they should shrink back to their normal size.

You can find Invisibobble at Boots. Are you as big a fan as me?

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