Beauty tips: cleansing brush considerations

Cleansing brushes have become one of the top sellers in the beauty tools market. What started out as a niche product has now turned mass market and it's become tricky to know which one is right for your skin type and skin issues.

I've trialled and reviewed several brands over the past few years, so wanted to put together a few of my top tips on choosing the right brush and also on things to consider when you're using one. Whether your a Clarisonic addict or considering your first purchase, I hope you find these useful!

cleansing brush top tips
1. Think gentle - go for brushes that have super soft brush heads that won't irritate your skin. You're meant to be cleansing, not polishing the top layer of skin off. Find the softest brush head you can and start there - if you decide you want something firmer, you can always swap it over to a different type.

2. Check it has adjustable speeds - different speeds makes it a lot easier to customise your cleanse, giving you options for standard and deeper cleans for different days. I like to use mine on a slower speed with a gentle brush as it feels right for my face, but it really does come down to personal choice. Look for a brush with two speeds (or more) for added flexibility. 

3. Find the right cleanser to use - you want to use something that won't clog up the brush, so stick to gels and milks that are slightly runner in texture. Avoid balm style cleansers with these brushes as the thicker oil texture tends not to work so well. I love to use La Roche Posay's Toleriane cleanser, Dermalogica's Ultra Calming Cleanser and Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser with my brushes as they're all gentle on the skin, but work really well when combined with a cleansing device. 

4. How often will you have to change the brush head and how much do they cost? Most cleansing brushes need a new head every 3 months or so to avoid bacteria build up that can cause breakouts so bear in mind this extra cost when purchasing. I love my little Foreo Luna Mini* device as it's built in a way that means it never needs a new head, so stays dozens of times cleaner than normal brushes and also doesn't cost any extra after the initial purchase.

5. Take it easy - just because the instructions say to use it twice a day, every day doesn't mean you need to do it! I'd recommend adding the brush a few times per week to start with and then increase the frequency from there if you want to. I tend to use my Clarisonic Mia* as more of an at-home treatment than a daily routine - it works well for my sensitive skin this way and still gives me a really deep clean twice a week.

Are you a fan of cleansing brushes? Which one's your favourite? 

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