Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Brush Gel review

Hands up who’s washed their makeup brushes this week? Ok, you get to feel smug. Brush washing is one of those things I hate (I have extra brushes so I can avoid it for longer) but it’s a necessary evil of wearing makeup. Clean brushes not only help your makeup go on a lot easier (and smoother) but they also have much less bacteria on them than dirty ones, often meaning less spots and blemishes. 

About half of my brushes come from high street favourite Real Techniques, so when I saw they were launching a brush deep cleanser, it seemed like the perfect pairing! The Deep Cleansing Brush Gel* has literally just launched and at £7.99 for a 150ml bottle, offers a budget-friendly way to give your brushes a deep clean. 

It’s really easy to use – simply wet your brush, pop a few drops of the brush cleanser into the palm of your hand and swirl the brush around in the cleanser until you get a soft lather. Rinse well and repeat if needed (you might need to do it twice for foundation brushes), until the water runs totally clear. Leave your brushes to lie flat on a towel to dry and you’re done! 

The Real Techniques brush cleanser has a very gentle scent, so isn’t overpowering and does a great job at lifting dirt out of brushes, without drying the bristles out. It seemed to get to work more quickly than other brush cleaners I’ve tried too, cutting down on how many times I needed to lather and rinse each brush. The bottle is also huge, so will last you FOREVER, even if you do have dozens to get through. 

I’ve only tested this on synthetic bristle brushes, so I can’t comment on how it might fare if you have natural fibre ones, but I suspect it should be fine. 

You can find it now in larger Boots stores and from Boots online (currently out of stock, but hopefully back soon!). 

What do you normally use to clean your makeup brushes? Will you be giving this new cleanser from Real Techniques a try? 

*PR sample


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