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Dirty Bones Kensington review - interior
Dirty Bones Kensington review interior sign
Dirty Bones Kensington review interior
Dirty Bones Kensington review Dirty Mac burger
Dirty Bones Kensington review Dirty Mac burger close up
Dirty Bones Kensington review Chicken and waffles
Dirty Bones Kensington review coffee and doughnuts
Tucked away in a basement in Kensington lies the home of southern inspired food heaven. Dirty Bones are a small (they have two locations) but perfectly formed set of restaurants that serve up meat to make your mouth drool alongside some American favourites with a twist. It's a carnivore's paradise, so I popped along with my meat loving pal Leanne to check out the delights of the menu.

There's a fantastic choice of burgers, hot dogs and my new favourite combination - fried chicken and waffles. We couldn't quite decide on one dish, so decide to share a couple as we were both drooling over the sound of the Mac Daddy burger and the Chicken/Waffle combo.

The Mac Daddy features a delicious combo of a generous beef patty, topped with slow cooked pulled beef and a generous spoonful of Mac and Cheese. Yup, you read that right; they put mac and cheese in your burger. And holy crap was it good. The pickles of the side help to cut through all that meat nicely and have just the right amount of tartness and crunch.

When it comes down to chicken and waffles, trust me when I say you need to try this. The waffles are crispy on the outside and lovely and soft in the middle and the fried chicken is probably the best I've tasted. We're far away from KFC now people. The shot of syrup on the side brings it all together nicely without being ridiculously sweet and I'm already planning to go back just to get a whole plate to myself. 

We decided to power on through and order dessert (go hard or go home as far as I'm concerned) and although we went in at lunchtime so they were offering their brunch menu, there were still several choices to go for.

I picked the coffee and doughnuts, which was some delicious coffee flavoured gelato with a hot, sugared doughnut on the side. Yum. Leanne decided to choose the Milk and Frosties option which turned out to be a large vanilla panna cotta, with a shot of raspberry sauce and a mini box of Frosties cereal on the side. It looked super cute and I'm reliably informed it was absolutely delicious.

Dirty Bones have just opened up their second branch in Kingly Court in Carnaby Street, so if you're headed into central London I'd highly recommend a visit, just for the chicken and waffles!

Have you tried Dirty Bones before?

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