Food: a Christmas hamper breakfast with Selfridges

Selfridges pastries and breakfast
Selfridges Christmas hamper
Selfridges Christmas hamper
Selfridges Christmas hamper panettoneKat from Tales of a Pale Face having breakfast at Selfridges
Selfridges Christmas hamper
Selfridges Christmas panettone
Selfridges Christmas breakfast with yoghurt and pastries
Selfridges Christmas hamper hatbox
If you're a regular reader, you've probably gathered by now that I really like food. And Christmas. And Selfridges. So when their team asked if I wanted to come along to for breakfast and take a peek at their hamper selection this year, you can imagine my response.

Christmas is all about the food (and family, mostly food) as far as I'm concerned and hampers can be beautiful gifts for any foodies you might have to buy for, or maybe even a family treat to crack out on Boxing day with a massive platter of cheese.

Selfridges food halls are pretty epic - I've spent many an hour in there lusting over cheese and 17 different types of chocolate, so their hamper range was always going to be pretty special.

After a delicious breakfast of pastries, fruit and mint tea, it was time to take a closer look at some of the hampers available this Christmas. Prices start at £45 for a gorgeous hat box packed full of mini treats and go all the way up to £2000 which contains pretty much every type of food and drink you could ever want. The Classic Christmas Hamper would make a lovely gift and features a bit of everything you need for Christmas day (wine, brandy butter, Christmas pudding etc) and at £100 is reasonably affordable for a bunch of seriously tasty treats. 

If you don't fancy one of the pre-chosen hampers, you can also visit one of the food concierge team in store and create your own bespoke hamper containing your choice of food and drink from their massive range. My top picks would have to involve their shortbread selection (OMG so good), some Christmas spiced tea and a sneaky bottle of Bathtub Gin from the wines and spirits hall. Would it be wrong to make one for yourself (asking for a friend, obviously... *ahem*)?

The full hamper range can be ordered via the Selfridges website and delivered at a date nearer the time, so you don't have to worry about it arriving too early and munching through the lot before we even hit December. Phew!

What are your favourite Christmas foods? Will you be treating yourself to a hamper this Christmas?

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