Urban Decay Naked palettes - which one's right for you?

Urban Decay's Naked palettes are probably the most iconic nude palettes there are in the beauty world. But with the recent launched of their fifth 'Naked' offering, it's becoming tricky to know which one will suit you the best. I've put together a quick guide to help make the decision a little easier. Of course, if you're a nude fanatic like me, there's no reason why you have to stop at just the one! 

Naked - the original nude palette from Urban Decay, Naked is made up of 12 eye shadows in a mixture of shimmer, glitter and matte finishes. These shades are slightly warm in tone, so suit warmer skin tones the best. There's also a predominance of shimmery shades, so if you're looking for a matte palette, you'll need to look a little further down this list. £37

Naked 2 - the follow up to Naked, Naked 2 features 12 cooler toned shadows; again in a mix of shimmer, glitter and matte finishes. While Naked might have some smokey blue/black options included, Naked 2 is a powerhouse of bronze and beige tones with a single black thrown in for good measure. Again, it's all pretty shimmery with one or two exceptions and is best suited to those with neutral or cool-toned skin. £37

Naked 3* - with 12 completely new shadows inside, this rose-hued beauty is one of the latest Naked launches from Urban Decay. All of the shadows have a hint of rose or rose gold to them, again in a mix of shimmer, glitter and matte finishes. These shades are a little more tricky to get away with - if you've got pink undertones to your skin I'd avoid this palette, but if you look good in rose-gold jewellery, then this will be the perfect pick for you. £37

Naked Basics - Urban Decay's first matte neutral offering, Naked Basics was a massive hit for many people who loved nude shadows but wanted to avoid a shimmery finish. It contains 6 matte shades (one demi-matte) which are all warm in tone. If you're best suited to the original Naked palette, then this is the Basics choice for you. £22

Naked Basics 2 - a brand new launch, Naked Basics 2 is perfect for matte shadow lovers as it contains 5 mattes and one slightly shimmery highlighter shade. These are all cooler in tone than the Naked Basics palette, so is a good matte partner for those that suit the Naked 2 palette and is the perfect size to pop in your handbag. £22

Are you a fan of the Naked palettes? Which one's your favourite?

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  1. I have Naked 2 Basics but can't decide if I want or need the others x

  2. I have the Naked Basics 2 and love it, it's so wearable! I don't think I'd really use all of the shades in the Naked 2 as there's so many and I only use them on special occasions :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. They all sound great but I would really go for the basic palettes as I know I'll get more use out of them.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. I am a very pale person but with no red undertone whatsoever. I now purchased the Naked3 palette. I hope it will be the right pick for me. Mostly they recommend colder tones for skin like mine but honestly i think it makes me look dead. I need some warmer colours to brighten my face up.


  5. I love all of these palettes- I am extremely pale and doubt they all work for me, but I just can't help it! Thanks for guiding me to which may be better.


  6. I feel like the only blogger in the world who hasn't got a Naked Palette. I do LOVE the look of the Basics as I prefer matte shadows so i think I'm going to add it to my Christmas list this year! x

  7. I didn't have any interest in these palettes at all until I saw the Naked 3 palette and then I fell in love! I still don't actually have it as I told myself I didn't need to spend that much as I don't very often wear eye shadow, but if I do come into some money I may treat myself and try to make sure I actually use it! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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