The travel essentials

Whether you're having a late summer holiday or planning to go away closer to Christmas, packing light is a bit of an art form. And an art form that I've yet to master! I'm currently away on holiday so have been trying to make the most of limited luggage space and maximise the beauty products I've taken with me, without making my suitcase weigh more than I do. These are some of the products helping me do just that. 

travel essentials with Diva pro styling travel dryer

travel essentials

A decent washbag - not the most exciting thing at the top of your travel list, but hey, you've got to have something to carry it all in! This brightly patterned two sided bag comes from Wilko, so it's budget friendly, yet large enough to carry a week's worth of stuff without any problem at all. It's got clear zipped pouches on both sides, so you don't have to worry about possible leakages over the rest of the contents of your bag. 

Travel minis - don't ask me why, but miniature size products always seem more fun that full-sized ones (just me?). I've been saving up travel sizes of some of my favourite products over the past few months so I don't have to weigh my case down with full-size versions of everything. I've packed everything from mini cleansers to mini shampoos and have even found a dinky bottle of Moroccan Oil in a travel sized gift set* that I have to keep my hair looking smooth, without the need for a heavy glass bottle. The trick is making sure you know you've got enough to last you the duration of your stay. For example, I know I usually make a 200ml shampoo last 2 months, so these 70ml minis should be fine for anything up to a 2 week stay. And don't throw them away when you're done - you can always re-fill them for your next trip! 

Travel hair dryer - small in size, but not small in power, this Diva Pro travel dryer* is going on every trip with me from now on. Call me fussy, but I like to take my own hair dryer away with me on holiday - you never know what to expect from the ones provided in hotel rooms. This little beauty is tiny, but dries hair almost as quickly as a full-sized dryer and had the added bonus of folding in half, so it takes up next to no space. It also comes with the cutest little diffuser I've ever seen. At £19.99 it's a good investment if you travel regularly. 

Multi-purposers - when space is at a premium, you want to make sure you've got hard-working products that can be used for more than one thing. Dr. Bronners soap is always an essential travel product for me - I use it as my shower gel, but it can also be used as an emergency shampoo or to wash clothes if you need to do a quick travel wash while you're away. I'm also packing a big tube of pure aloe vera gel, which is perfect for any bits of sun burn you might have, but is also great for cooling down insect bites or rashes. 

What are your travel essentials? 

*PR samples



  1. Totally agree about minis - don't know why but they always seem more fun to use lol! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. Minis are the best thing ever and I always love how they are 3 for 2 in boots or 2 for £3 in superdurg it makes it so much more handy!!

    Emily xx


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