3 ways to wear colour when you're pale

Today's guest post comes from the amazing Phee of Phee's makeup tips. I've admired her makeup looks for a really long time, so I'm really pleased to have her on the blog today, showing us pale ladies three simple ways to wear colour. Over to you Phee...

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will tell you, I love me some bright colours. I don’t fake tan, and I don’t stick to wearing brighter shades during the summer months. The contrast of a bright pink lipstick or a royal blue eyeshadow against paler skin tones is a beautiful thing, and more of us should be rocking colour with confidence.

If you’ve been itching to add some colour into your daily makeup or are looking for new ways to include something eye catching to your look, keep on reading.


A bold lip instantly jazzes up any outfit for me. You can go from minimal makeup to a full look in no time just by adding a slick of colour to your lips. There’s no need to go straight in for that matte fluorescent pink, if you want to ease yourself in there are plenty of lip stains and sheer lipsticks out there.

To create the perfect pout you will need:

A lip pencil to match your lipstick
Your chosen lipstick
A lip brush
Concealer brush or a clean lip brush

When you’re going all out with a bold lip, you want to make sure the lines are as close to perfect as you can get them. First outline your lips with your lip pencil to stop the colour bleeding and to get a feel for the shape of your lips. Take your time with this step.

bright pink lips on pale skin tutorial

Next take your lipstick and fill in your entire lip. If you want to be more precise close to the edges, use a lip brush, however the lipstick bullet is shaped to help you get a great application without one.

bright pink lips on pale skin tutorial

If you slip up or you want to make your lines really sharp, take a liquid concealer on a brush to go around the edges.

bright pink lips on pale skin tutorial

You can keep the rest of your makeup really simple with a bold lip - just a bit of mascara, maybe a shimmery eyeshadow. I love really highlighted skin when I’m wearing a bright lip too.

bright pink lips on pale skin tutorial


You can be a lot more subtle when adding colour to an eye look. One of my all time favourite ways to add a bit of interest to an otherwise simple look is to take a bold colour along the waterline.

You will need:

A small angled brush or flat shader brush
A bright pressed eyeshadow
A small fluffy brush

You can always do this with a liner if you like, but I find that eyeshadows give a better colour. If you’re a contact lense wearer like me, just be extra careful when doing this.

Take some of the powder eyeshadow on to one side of your angled brush.

bright blue eye shadow

Gently pull the lower lid down away from your eye and push the colour on the waterline. You might need to do this twice to get the colour you want.

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including eye liner

You can also use a small blending brush to pull the colour down a little bit or with a more neutral colour if you think it’s gone too far down.

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including lipstick

For my third and final way to start adding colour into your makeup is with eye liner. Similar to adding colour to your waterline, you can go as subtle or as bold as you want with this.

You will need:

A coloured eyeliner (can be liquid, pencil, eyeshadow + mixing medium)
Eyeshadow in a similar colour to your liner
A liner brush
A pencil brush

When I’m going for coloured liner, I usually go for a classic winged liner with neutral shadows on my lids. For the perfect wing start with a thin line along your lashes, really making sure you get right in the lash line.

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including eye shadow and liner

Next draw the line you want your wing to follow from the corner of your eye.

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including eye shadow and liner

Then, starting at the tip of that line, drag your brush to your lash line to join the two. Fill in the shape you’ve created.

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including eye shadow and liner

To bring the look together, use a pencil brush to gently take some coloured eye shadow along the lower lash line. Depending on the colour of the liner, maybe a red or pink, you might want to take a thin line of black liner along your top lash line too.

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including eye shadow and lipstick

bright makeup tutorial for pale skin including eye shadow and lipstick

I hope you enjoyed my 3 ways for pale girls to wear colour. I could go on, but I’m sure Kat wants her blog back (thank you for having me!). 

Remember, as cheesy as it sounds, the best way to wear colour is with a load of confidence, and without giving a damn about what anyone else thinks!

You can find Phee over at www.pheesmakeuptips.com or on Twitter: @pheesmakeuptips



  1. This is such a fantastic post i did the blue eyeliner on Jaynes Kitsch last year when we all went out for lunch (Im sure Kat remembers haha :P)



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