MAC and Burberry makeup haul

Put the words ‘limited edition’ in front of any sort of beauty product and I immediately get ten times more excited than I do over standard issue products. I hope it’s not just me that feels like this, but that’s the excuse I’m using for the haul I’m posting today!

I had been on a bit of a self-imposed beauty ban for a little while in the hope of saving some extra money for IMATS later this month and also to try and work my way through the products in my stash. However, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made a few sneaky high end purchases which called to me – and were definitely encouraged by their (mostly) limited edition status.

MAC Happy go Lucky lipstick and Burberry 07 earthy blusher

MAC Happy go Lucky lipstick and Burberry 07 earthy blusher

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl lipstick and mineralise skin finish

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl lipstick and mineralise skin finish

While I was a bit disappointed that MAC hadn’t done any special packaging for their Playland collection, the second I saw ‘Happy-Go-Lucky in the lipstick line-up I knew I had to have it. It’s a super bright, blue-based pink that is quite similar to Candy Yum Yum, but instead of the super matte finish comes in an Amplified finish. It’s much easier to wear as you don’t have to do masses of prep on your lips before applying it, and while it’s not exactly a ‘different’ shade, I love the finish.

On my next trip to the St Pancras MAC shop (I really need to stop going in there to kill time before my train home), I saw that the new Kelly and Sharon Osbourne collections had been launched. I’d been perving over swatches of Dodgy Girl – a lilac hued lipstick – for the previous few days, so when I saw it was still in stock, I got one asap. It might not be the easiest colour in the world to wear, but I own nothing else like this, so feel very justified in my purchase *ahem*.

I also picked up my first Mineralise Skin Finish, also from the Kelly O collection, which contains two beautiful powder shades that look great on paler complexions. I love the packaging of these ranges – it’s nice to have something different from the usual black, and these will really stand out in my makeup drawers.

Last up, I finally lost my Burberry makeup virginity on a recent trip to Harvey Nichols. While waiting for Grace (allthatslap) to meet me, I sat down for a mini makeover at the Burberry beauty counter and was introduced to their Light Glow Earthy Blushers. After trying on shade 7, which looks a bit peachy and also almost a light bronzer, I was convinced I needed one. Again, this is a colour like nothing else I have at home, so a totally sensible purchase…

I’m putting myself back on a mini beauty ban now until IMATS, and in July, I plan to start a much longer one and work my way through my stash. I just hope MAC stop with all the amazing new collections in the meantime!

Have you bought anything from the new MAC collections? What’s your favourite thing from my haul?



  1. I'm so jealous, the lipsticks are stunning!

  2. I do love the look of the blush and if it was the one you wore when I saw you, it looked fab x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. The Happy Go Lucky Lipstick is gorgeous, I have been eyeing up that playland collection and all of it looks lovely!!

    Laura xx


  4. Both those lipsticks are such gorgeous shades!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor & Femme et Vie

  5. I actually got a lipstick from the Playland collection, my first purchase from one of their collections, and I was also pretty disappointed that they didn't do any different packaging. I got Red Balloon, I love the look of it but I think it may be very similar to Lickable, which I also just happen to own! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  6. I've fallen in love with the Burberry line! I just bought an eye palette and I'm working on my review! Their blushers look amazing and I'm definitely adding it to me (never ending) wish list!



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