Top Blemish Busters

Spots. We all get them, and no-one wants them. I've put together a selection of my top products to help bust those blemishes, and keep skin looking spot-free as much as possible.

Spot treatments

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+* - Effaclar Duo has been a popular spot treatment for many years, however this new version not only helps to tackle blemishes, but also cares for skin after the spots have gone. It contains Procerad, a patented ceramide that helps the skin to rebuild and reduce the appearance of scarring. If you suffer with acne, this may be the treatment for you, as over time it will help soothe the inflammation and make the skin's pigmentation look more uniform. £15.50

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil* - this little pot of tea tree oil (£7) is one of my favourite things to use on spots. I've been buying it for about ten years now! Dab a small amount onto the spot using a cotton bud, and the natural antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil will help to clear away any bacteria, dry out the spot and reduce its appearance.

Boots Spot Wand - a two in one treatment, this has one end with a clear gel in that can be used in the day time, and another, thicker treatment to use at night. Both ends contain tea tree and witch hazel to help reduce the spots, and for £3.59 would be my choice if you're on a budget. 

Dermalogica Clear Start skincare* - designed for younger, more spot prone skin, the Clear Start range has a massive amount of choice of products. As someone a bit older who's less prone to acne, I still get those annoying spots that pop up, and find the Emergency Spot Fix (£13) great for a targeted treatment. The Cooling Masque (£16) helps to calm down breakouts while also helping to clear them up, and I tend to use this when several spots crop up together to help minimise the length of time they last for and to soothe the skin. 

What are your top products for beating those blemishes?

*PR sample


  1. Funnily enough, for the first time in over a year, and ALMOST reached for the tea tree oil. Now I wish I did.

    I do tend to use Simple Spot On Blemish Reducer and GlamGlow. Love them both. x


  2. I like the Neutrogena clean and clear pink grapefruit face wash, leaves my face feeling so clean and it really reduces redness as well. I might check that boots blemish wand out, looks like a good little product.

    Natalie | Broke Student Fashion

  3. I like the duo+, but I also really like lush's grease lightening treatment, works a treat too!

    Catherine x


  4. I always get breakouts at the wrong time, I hardly ever have completely spot-free skin, but right now using LUSH grease lightning is really working for me!
    This is a great post for me and I will look more closely at the dermatologica range - I've never seen it before!
    I still need to try the Effaclar Duo Plus, I enjoyed using the original, but after a while I'm not sure it made such a big difference to my skin.


  5. Lovely list :) spots are the worst! I know it's not the gentlest of products (ha!) but Quinoderm was an absolute life saver for me when I had acne. It's pretty harsh for sensitive skin but it does really kill spots in a matter of days! Also, tea tree oil can be a bit too much on some skins so diluting it with aloe vera gel is a perfect spot killer :) xx

  6. Great post, i really want to try the Dermalogica clear start!!

    If you ever have a few minutes could you maybe check out my blog please? Im quite new and could use any feedback/comments!!



  7. I really like the Kate Somerville acne treatment, now not available in the UK sob, but the Malin & Goetz one is pretty similar, it's the old school treatments where you dip the cotton bud into the bottom of the bottle and dab on. I also like the Origins spot remover xx

  8. I'm a big fan of both Effaclar Duo + and tea tree oil for helping heal spots and clear up scaring :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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