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Samsara Skin is a natural and organic skin clinic set up by two skincare superstars Andy and Jessica. Having met both of them via the beauty blogging world, I was so excited to hear that they were opening their own clinic in the trendy Custard Factory in Birmingham.

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Andy and Jess Samsara skin

Samsara work on the premise of 'skin reborn'. The treatments they offer are tailored to each individuals' needs and products stocked at the spa are all hand picked for their efficacy after personal research and testing. They don't believe in just masking skin issues, but aim to cure the problems at the root through a holistic approach of nutrition, skin treatments and at home skincare programmes. 

Now, for all of us that don't live close to Birmingham (me included), they've set up a fantastic service so that you can make the most of their knowledge and have a skin consultation via Skype. 

The consultations last around an hour, and will discuss any issues you've got with your skin, plus things that might be affecting it, such as diet and lifestyle. As part of the consultation, you'll also get a follow up email with their recommendations, diet suggestions and products that will work well for you.The best thing about it is that it's completely tailored to you, so no two sessions will ever be quite the same.

I had my own Skype consultation recently and found it so interesting. I have a keen interest in skincare but the knowledge of these two is just amazing. Before the consultation, I sent over a few makeup free photos so that they could get a closer look at my skin beforehand, in case the web cam quality wasn't very good on the day. 

After talking about wanting to reduce the redness in my skin and also make it look less tired, Jess recommended some products from the Cosmedix range that would help to strengthen and calm my skin at the same time. We also spoke about how dehydrated it was, despite me drinking plenty of water every day. Hyaluronic acid was recommended as an ingredient for me to try, but because this doesn't seem to sit well on my skin in gel form, I was recommended a supplement that will help my body hold on to some of its water, rather than just flushing it all out. 

She also gave me a list of foods to help strengthen my skin from the inside, which was really useful, and i'm trying to increase my consumption of these as well as reducing the amount of sugar in my diet (that bit is slightly harder, but I'm giving it a go!). 

If you'd like to learn more about how to solve your own skin issues, I can't recommend this service highly enough. The hour session costs £35, which I think is a great investment and a total bargain given the knowledge of the people giving it. I'm already planning a trip to Birmingham just so I can visit the clinic in person and have one of the red light treatments recommended for my skin! 

You can find out more about Samsara and all the treatments over on the Samsara website. Make sure you also have a read of their blog, it's skincare gold! 

*my skincare consultation was provided free of charge, 


  1. Thank you so much for a lovely review of our Skype Consultation x

  2. I'm making a special trip to Samsara for a consultation in April and can't wait :-) xx

  3. That's so cool, interesting about the hyaluronic supplement and hydraluron DOES NOT work for me at all despite high levels of dehydration. Will book a consult when I'm back from my holiday in SA. God knows my skin will need it by then....

  4. I love the fact you where given a list of foods to help your skin instead of just products etc

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