Spending ban update - January

It’s officially February (seriously, where did January go?!), which means I’ve been at my spending ban for the grand total of one month. For the first few weeks, I was doing fine – I actually went into Boots several times and left without wanting to buy anything. I’d like to say the rest of the month was the same, but that would be lying.

Stash photo of shame - not all bought this month I must add!
The first slip up came when the Revlon Matte Balms were launched. Hot pink lip colours are my weakness, and as soon as I saw they’d made one in that shade, I caved. £8 later, I left feeling happy, and definitely not guilty (oops). 

The second slip up occurred earlier this week when Model’s Own launched their 50% off sale. I’d been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new HyperGel polishes, so when I saw these were going to be included in the sale, it just made sense to buy them then (justifications I know...). So, 6 HyperGels and 3 nail art pens *accidentally* found their way into my online basket.

Aside from that, I’ve been pretty good this month. I’d like to make more of an effort with my food spending as I’m still eating out too often, but I’ve cut down on most of my frivolous purchases and have only bought one magazine all month.

Febraury is going to be another challenge – I’m off to Pro Beauty at the end of the month which always involves a little bit of shopping and I’m hoping by the time you read this I’ll have managed to make some cheeky purchases in the Beauty Mart one day flash sale.

I guess for me, it’s turned less from a spending ‘ban’, into more of a ‘spend less and stop wasting your money’ mission. I reckon I spend more on lunches at work than I do on makeup each month which is something I definitely want to adjust in Febraury (and not just by spending more on makeup to make it seem better). If you have any good tips for tasty packed lunches which don’t take forever to make, please share them with me – I need inspiration!

Are you doing a spending ban at the moment? How are you getting on?


  1. January did go so quick. I guess any savings are better than none right? haha well done great post

    Em x

  2. I've had absolutely no money to spend last month but now payday has been, I'm trying to make more meaningful purchases than spend loads of money on snacks and pointless things! xx

  3. Mine went pretty much the same went into boots a couple of times and only purchased a couple of bits! Can't believe how quick this month has gone!

    mybeautysleuth x


  4. I'm very impressed, I was the same first 2 weeks went well last 2 weeks I caved a couple of times - it was worth it though x


  5. I also set out for a no shopping month! Lasted until the 24th (pay day!) I do think the new Revlon matte balms were worth it though :) xo


  6. You need to buy the little book of lunch - it's fantastic! x

  7. I also slipped up in the models own sale... i kept panicking it would all sell out so kept adding things into the basket!


  8. I am doing awfully :( I managed to save a grand total of ZERO in january!

    Charlotte - www.blotandreapply.com x

  9. January literally flew by for me. It's crazy how fast time flies.

    I'm not on a spending ban, but I am on a "use more, spend less" type of mission. I know you've slipped twice, but it seems like you're doing very well to me!

    Linh @ Blushology

  10. Sales and blog sales have been my downfall, just can't resist a bargain, no matter how little I need more makeup. xxx

  11. You still did very well - The Models Own sale was so good!

  12. I caved and bought the Models Own nail polishes and one of the Revlon balms, I'm not on a spending ban but I know how hard it was to resist!

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  13. I don't have a spending ban in place.. but I have been trying to use everything up before I start buying things I do not need. I have a whole heap of samples and if I keep buying things they'll never get used, so I'm rummaging around in those most days :))


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