My winter survival kit

With winter well and truly upon us, and the freezing weather showing no sign of disappearing any time soon, we can all use a helping hand against the elements. I've picked some of my top products to help protect your hair, skin and immune system against the cold.

Melvita echinacea, propolis, honey capsules* - winter often equals colds and flu, but these handy Melvita capsules can help strengthen your immune system and fight of signs of an oncoming cold. Pop the contents of a capsule into a glass of water or drink neat and enjoy the health boosting powers of echinacea and propolis and honey. £17 - 20 capsules

Tommy Guns Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum* - I don't know about you, but winter mostly leaves my hair in a rather large, fluffy state. This tiny bottle of serum from Tommy Guns is my secret weapon against frizz, as just a drop or two fights against the elements, keeping hair smooth and silly. You can also pick it up in Waitrose with your food shopping which is a bit of a bonus! £6.15 - 50ml

REN rose otto body oil - perfect for dry skin in need of a treat, this body oil is packed with luxurious rose otto oil and leaves skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It also smells amazing! £34 - 100ml

Perfect for running on to extra dry areas, this rich balm from Liz Earle is the perfect multi purpose product. I've been slathering this on my elbows, cuticles and hands to help fight back against the effects of the cold. It contains vitamin E and rosehip oil to hydrate and soften and despite being very rich, doesn't take long to sink in. £16.25 - 30ml

Aldi lip balms - more hydrating than far more expensive lip balms, these will be seeing me through the winter months. They contain no mineral oil, and work to soften lips and protect from cold weather chapping. I've currently got one in every handbag! 99p for three.

Lavera orange hand cream* - the perfect size to pop in your handbag, this orange scented hand cream from natural brand Lavera will stop hands drying out in the cold. It's got a rich formula that sinks in easily and the citrusy scent keeps me thinking about sunnier times! £3.49 50ml

What are your winter essentials? 


  1. I've never tried the Liz Earle Superbalm! In fact I'm not sure if I've ever heard of it, but I must give it a go, they're fantastic as a brand!

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  2. Gah, I adore both Melvita and Lavera - great choice in brands dear :) x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  3. I love body oils, the REN one sounds lovely! The orange scented handcream sounds right up my street too! Great choices x

  4. I had the melvita capsules on my wishlist x

  5. For any extra dry bits I'll either use one of my own essential oil blends or Trilogy's Everything balm. MuLondon's moisturisers are a staple for me in Winter, especially since you can use them head to toe.



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