Beauty Boost: Revive Active supplement review

Like a lot of people, my goal this January was to do some exercise, lose the Christmas chocolate pounds and generally get a bit healthier. To help with this, I wanted to take some extra vitamin and minerals supplements to give me a bit of an extra boost, and hopefully avoid all of the lurgy that seems to be going around my office faster than you can say ‘Kleenex’.

Revive Active* is daily vitamin supplement designed to give you a bit of a boost. I was kindly sent a week’s supply to test out and see if it made any difference to how I felt on a day to day basis. I’m notoriously rubbish at remembering to take vitamins, and rely on the odd Berocca when I feel a cold coming on, but I was sure I could stick to this for a week!

Revive Active food supplement box

Revive Active food supplement sachets

Rather than coming in a capsule format, Revive Active is a powder which should be mixed with water and drunk first thing before breakfast. It’s got an orangey-tropical flavour that isn’t particularly offensive, but I did find it had a bit of a bitter aftertaste, so I’ve been drinking mine pretty fast, rather than sipping it. You could mix it with juice instead if you have that in the mornings, but I just stuck to the water.

Inside a sachet, you’ll find a mixture of Coenzyme Q10, B vitamins, Vitamin D3 Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, plus a whole host of others. Together these are designed to help with cardiovascular health, offer anti-ageing properties and also support your body’s healing process.

After taking my sachets for a week, I haven’t reported any massive changes in my wrinkles (probably too soon to hope for that!), however I’ve definitely felt like I’ve got a lot more energy and the 6.30am alarm call has been a little less painful. I would definitely continue to take them for a longer period of time now I’ve gotten into the swing of my daily glass.

You might find you experience the ‘Berocca wee’ effect (ahem) from taking lots of vitamin C in the supplement, but I would definitely recommend giving these a try as part of your January detox.

A one month’s supply costs around £55 and can be found at selected pharmacies across the UK. You can find all the details on stockists over on the Revive Active website.

Are you on a health kick? What supplements would you recommend?

*PR sample



  1. Errr...£55? I already take a couple of other supplements, so I think I'll stick with them and the occasional Berocca. That's a good topic of discussion; why are (some) supplements so expensive!


  2. wow thats expensive ! lol i need to find some supplements but finding the right one :)
    The Inked Blonde

  3. I've been taking a Revive Active for about 10 days and have already noticed a difference in my energy level and the condition of my hair and nails. I seem to feel happier too, not that I ever felt miserable;-)
    Yes, it does sound expensive at £55 a month but that's less than £1.80 a day - much less than a daily latte and a small price to pay for optimum health. It always amazes me that people will fork out hundreds of pounds to have their car repaired to keep it going but are reluctant to pay to keep their own engine running.


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