Why I love YouTube tutorials

As a beauty blogger, I love trying out new looks and testing new products. I spend a lot of my spare time reading blog posts or on YouTube watching videos on my laptop.

My favourite types of YouTube videos are tutorials. These have been so helpful in the past for practicing new techniques like contouring, inspiration for fancy dress looks, and sometimes for just drooling slightly over some of the nail art I know I’ll never be able to create myself!

Some of my favourite videos are from Tea and Lead's blog, who I’ve watched a LOT, for help with up dos for my hair, and her beehive tutorial is so helpful!

I also love Islaay’s nail art tutorials, who makes it look so effortless, and every time I see her in person, I want to sit her down and make her do my nails (no joke).

YouTube is one of those magical time vortexes you can visit and get lost on for hours on end – you start watching a nail art video and before you know it, you’re watching a cat in a wedding dress walk down a makeshift aisle (we’ve all been there).

I’d love to hear who your favourite YouTuber’s are, and feel free to share your favourite video!

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  1. My favourite YouTuber is Jen from My Housewife Life, Organized like Jen and The Busy Bee Buzz. I think she's awesome and I LOVE watching all her Christmassy videos! I also really like Elle Fowler and REALLY love watching Grav3yardgirl's videos! Xx


  2. I am seriously obsessed with YouTube beauty videos! My favorite Youtubers are shaaanxo and anniejaffrey! :)


  3. I love gossmakeupartist for really quick, easy and simple tips


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