The spending ban begins...

This is it. The spending ban has officially started. In preparation, I've done what I like to think of as a 'soft launch' for the past 8 days. I haven't bought any beauty products, despite wandering the aisles of Boots and Superdrug looking for something to catch my eye (damn you Barry M palettes for not being out yet).

The next 2 months are going to be a challenge (especially given my rubbish spending ban history), but I really have so much stuff in my stash, the only things I should need to buy are essentials like deodorant, cotton wool and maybe some dry shampoo.

I'll be posting regular updates on what I use up, and also trying to keep a record of how much money I save over the 2 month period that would usually go on beauty.

Lots of you mentioned you'd like to take part in my pre-Christmas spending ban, so if you find you're struggling, tweet me and I'll try to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I don't have the willpower you do, I was so rubbish at my last spending ban :(

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Good luck. I've been trying to cut back on so many things. We have a baby due in January so need as many pennies as possible for baby things. X

  3. Good luck!!! I need to do a spending ban myself!


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