Beautiful Brows brow kit review

Brows are one of those things that can have a massive impact on your face. I'm terribly guilty at not filling mine in very often, as finding a brow powder the right shade is a bit of a nightmare (ok, and I'm lazy). 

Beautiful Brows provide a great solution with their complete brow kit. Coming in 5 different shades (slate, light brown, dark brown, chocolate and black), the brow kit features all the tools you need for perfect looking brows. Inside, there's a brow powder, highlighter, tweezers, double ended brush, highlighter brush and a set of 3 brow stencils. 

Beautiful brows brow kit

Beautiful brows brow kit

Beautiful brows brow kit

Simply select the stencil required for your chosen brow look (bold, natural or sleek), hold the stencil against your brow, before applying the powder to the gap in the stencil. This should leave you with perfectly arched eye brows. You can add a small amount of highlighter to the brow bone afterwards and that's it! 

The kit is extremely easy to use, although I did find holding the stencil against my brow a little fiddly. In the end, I gave up and just used the brow powder and brush which worked fine, but for brow newbies, the stencils should come in very handy.

Having blonde brows, I'm always a bit worried that the powders will make my brows look far too dark, but the light brown shade is really good for a natural look on me, and actually blends quite well with the red tone to my hair. It also lasts well throughout the day and doesn't need topping up at all, even after a 14 hour day - in fact, it needs a good makeup remover to take it off! 

The kit is very sturdy and although a little large for an overnight bag, I'd definitely take it away with me for longer breaks without worrying about it getting broken inside a suitcase. 

Beautiful Brow kits are £38 each, and can be found in selected salons and online from Beautiful Brows.

Do you like the look of this kit? 

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  1. This looks lovely! Not sure the stencils would be suitable for everyone but I love the look of the highlighter x

  2. This looks amazing! Would love to get my hands on it, unfortunately, South Africa will only see this in 2 years time :)

  3. what a great sounding kit!
    I too struggle to find the right shade, plus, it not looking natural and too 'drawn on'.


  4. I love doing my brows, they just look so much better after I've done them!
    Lucia's Loves

  5. Brow powders are my favorite. I alllways have to fill mine in... I have black hair and my "natural" color is significantly lighter, so, if I don't I'll look like one of those creepy pictures of celebs with their eyebrows photo shopped out that you see on Pinterest.



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