London part 3 - the mega haul and giveaway

I've popped all my purchases from my London day out into one big haul. There's quite a lot to show you, so I'll do as little talking as possible! Further down the page, you can also win a little Vitality Show goody bag that I've put together, so make sure to enter :)

First up are my Boots (we popped in quickly to check out the 3 for 2 offers) and John Bell & Croyden purchases. I bought:

makeup and nail polish

Sinful Colors nail polish in 920 and 830. This is a US brand I've never heard of before but these were only £1.99 each - bargain!
Revlon polish - 260 Girly - this looks to be a dupe for the Illamasqua speckle polishes
Revlon Baby Stick - pink passion - these are brand new so I couldn't resist picking one up!
Max Factor Colour Elixir giant stick pen - vibrant pink
Comvita manuka honey lozenges - I'm hoping these will help with my winter sore throat
John Bell & Croyden lemon and basil bath salts
Korres lip butter stick - I love the Korres lip butters, but don't like sticking my fingers in the pot, so this is perfect. 

Next stop Vitality Show! I've split this out into my actual pruchases, and then taken some pictures of all the goodies I got as part of magazine goody bags or just freebies wandering around.

What I bought:

Perfectil skin, hair and nails vitamins - these were on special at £5 for 30
Peppersmith mints - £1 each
Sukin hydrating mist toner - £7. I wanted to try something from Sukin for ages, and this was lovely and refreshing. 
Niki's Organic Balms original balm -£4.99. We got to have a chat with the lovely Niki who makes these balms and after testing a few, I decided I liked the original smell the best so bought a mini pot. 
Green People scent free cleanser - All of the Green People products had 20% off so I decided to stock up and get a back up of my cleanser for just over £15. 
Nakd cocoa orange bars x 6 - I love these natural snack bars. They normally retail about about 80p each but were on offer for 2 for £1. I'm regretting not buying more!

Onto the goodies... I've separated them out into food, supplements and skincare/cosmetics. 

The supplements/added extras:

The skincare/cosmetics:

The food and drink:

Phew! This little lot is going to keep me going for a while! 

The giveaway:

I've put together a little goody bag from the show with bits and pieces including a mini DHC cleansing oil, vitamins, some Nakd snacks and a Gold Collagen shot. To enter, just leave me a comment letting me know your favourite item from my haul below. Make sure to include your Twitter handle/email address so I can contact you if you win. All the entries will go into a hat and one will be picked out at random (I'm going low-tech here!). Entries are open for 7 days. Good luck!

UPDATE - This giveaway is now closed. All the comments were numbered and went into a hat and one was picked out at random. The lucky winner is comment number 23! Well done Laura Mackay!

Thank you to everyone who entered. 


  1. The sinful colour polishes are my favourite, the colours look gorgeous. Looks like you had a great time and got lots of goodies :)

    Gillian from glamupeveryday.com

  2. John Bell & Croydon Bath Salts look lovely, I like it when you can see what they are made up of. No hidden ingrediants there :) @unevenlemming

  3. You got some great stuff, I love those nakd bars, I will be trying that green people cleanser it looks great :) My favourite thing has to be the cleanser I am such a skincare junkie, I am @Anagoesgreen on twitter. x

  4. I know this is a random thing to start off with but I love peppersmith mints - I bought some when I went but they were lemon flavour! Nice :) love the nail polishes you got and the korres lip butter looks lovely. Glad you had a great time x

  5. I love me some body butter! I would love to win this! Thanks so much.

  6. I love Korres products so definitely the korres butter stick, I have two of the pots but sticks are so much easier. The Revlon polish looks fab, too. Looks like an amaaazing haul!


  7. Im gonna be totally weird and say the Sprite! I really want Sprite atm!



  8. What a haul! I'd say the Sinful Colors polishes, are they from Boots? Need to get myself a few.


  9. My favourite item is the vita coco - I love their coconut water but can never get hold of it! Thanks for the giveaway, looks like you had a great time :)

    c.childs@live.co.uk xx

  10. I love it all but my favourite has to be the Korres lip butter stick, the packaging looks fab!



  11. Ohh wow lol, you really did get some goodies! I love love love sinful colors nail polish, Defiantly my number brand :)

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog! x

  12. You got some great stuff, but I;m most jealous of your Korres lip butter, and the bath salts! :)

  13. Hey, loved your haul! I bet you and Alice had the best time. I loved the naked bars! I absolutely love them, I could nibble one now, yummy.


  14. I would have my to say my favorite of your haul is the lip butter stick! Love lip butters. =)
    Question- international? If not, Good luck everyone! Lol. ;)

  15. I love love love the coconut water that I spy in the fifth picture. It's so refreshing and so much nicer than normal water!
    @imogenrose20 <3

  16. I've just bought the korres lip butter stick too! Perfect for my hols! So that's my fave!

  17. I love the look of the revlon baby sticks they sound perfect for summer xx

  18. Definitely my favourite items would have to be the polishes, especially the revlon one! You picked up some amazing things


    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  19. I would love to see your review on Skin Doctors' Bio Serum!
    @exoticwaytoburn // imah@ayub@gmail.com

  20. All of that gluten free food looks so good!




  21. Gorgeous goodies. I love nakd cocoa orange bars! Love your essential care, bath salts and green people samples xxx

  22. woww that's what i call a mega haul:) i love revlon nailpolishes <3 would love to try out those skincare products xx
    lots of love

  23. Hi Kat, you always do great hauls, I love reading what you've picked up everytime, you have a wider range of shops than I do in Aberdeen. I like everything you have picked up , Is it weird that the items that stand out to me most are the Nakd bars lol, I have never heard of them but they look super tasty and I'd love to try one haha.

    thanks for sharing my dear, speak soon. Love L (@laurziecooper) xxxx

  24. My favourite item from the haul was the revlon nail polish in girly it looks so pretty and cute :) Esme xx
    @hi_its_esme on twitter

  25. That Revlon polish looks amazing, been lusting after an Illamasqua dupe for way too long now xx


  26. Sinful Colors nail polish :) the colour look so gorgeous.


  27. Great hauls and I really want to see the pink nails next time I see you! :)


  28. The Korres lip butter stick. I have the Korres Guava shower gel which I love :). Would like to try more of their products! xx
    Twitter: @glitterb0mb
    Email: naomiicarolx@googlemail.com


  29. The Korres lip butter sticks will not disappoint you- the product feels different to the pots but is just as lovely (and so easy to use!) the product that is my favourite from your haul is the Revlon polish- I love the speckled nail effect and the illamasqua ones are just too pricey so of you've found an affordable dupe then that's awesome!

    Your giveaway looks fantastic too! Would be so excited to try the dhc cleaning oil( as well as everything else, haha) :)


  30. Thanks for all your lovely comments! This giveaway is now closed, and i'll be contacting the winner very soon :) xx


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