25 random facts about me

After getting one year older yesterday, I thought it seemed like the perfect time to share some random facts about me with you all. I attempted 50, but unfortunately ran out of steam, so here are 25 random facts about me...

1. I'm a complete nail polish obsessive - I think I have nearly 100.
2. I have no middle name.
3. I can't cook to save my life, but strangely I'm really good at baking.
4. Without mascara I have completely blonde lashes so never leave the house without it.
5. I love making lists.
6. Toffee Crisps are my chocolate nemesis - one is never enough.
7. I really love vintage clothing from the 60s/70s.
8. Hot pink is my favourite colour for accessories, despite never wearing it in my clothes.
9. Bon Jovi are my guilty music pleasure.
10. I really want to ombre my hair but worry it's not long enough.
11. CSI is one of my favourite tv programmes.
12. I am shockingly bad at remembering to moisturise my body, but yet love buying body creams/oils.
13. My Kindle is one of the best presents I've ever been given.
14. I'm left-handed.
15. I used to sing in a band.
16. Despite having a massive love for high heels I struggle to walk in them.
17. I was a vegetarian for several years - bacon tempted me back.
18. Tigers are my favourite animals (tortoises come a close second).
19. I quit smoking 4 years ago.
20. I have yet to find a fake tan that doesn't look orange/ridiculous on me (if you know any for pale skin, let me know!).
21. I don't drink tea or coffee.
22. I once had 2 goldfish - they were called Fish and Chip.
23. I love food. Pretty much the only things I don't eat are Sushi and Offal.
24. Gin and Bourbon are my drinks of choice (not together).
25. I'm 29 (shhh... don't tell anyone!).



  1. If it makes you feel any better my nail varnish collection now exceeds 160... :-/ I JUST CAN'T STOP BUYING THE DAMN THINGS!

    Elspeth xx

  2. My polish collection is about 100, too, and when I try to reduce it (to make space for new ones of course), I never can even though I Know I can't possibly love all of them, I just can't let them go!

    Have you ever tried a toffee crisp partially melted in the microwave? Not so much that it turns to goo, but so that it keeps its form but when you put a spoon in it it's all melted - Heaven in chocolate form

  3. Awww fish and chip. I love toffee crisps too A LOT and also have a secret desire to ombré my hair - loved getting to know more about you x

  4. wow that is a lot of nail varnish!!! Hope you had a fab birthday! x

  5. Haha, you called your 2 goldfish 'fish and chip' thats way too cute x


  6. I love CSI too! The original is definitely the best me thinks! xxx

  7. I daren't leave the house without mascara because my eyelashes are way too light! :( I would love to have darker lashes! :) x

  8. Beautisol "Need I glow more?" is a good self tanner for us pale girls! :) I also love my kindle and quit smoking 4 years ago!

  9. Loved this post! So interesting! I am a leftie too! :-)

    Cant believe you dont drink tea though...I am not sure I trust you any more!



  10. Hey kat,
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