DHC launch event

Last week I attended a really exciting launch for DHC, a Japanese brand that makes a wide range of skincare and makeup. They're quite new to the UK and I'd only heard of their famed Deep Cleansing Oil prior to the event.

We were all made really welcome and I got to chat with the DHC brand team, two of whom had flown over from San Francisco especially from the event.

DHC are primarily a catalogue based brand, but in the UK there's also a small range of their products in Beauty Mart at Harvey Nichols

I was really excited to see their makeup range. They had some gorgeous sheer lipsticks, a tubing mascara and my favourite of all, a liquid liner. I thought the liner was actually a felt tip style liner, but makeup artist Luke was on hand to explain that it was actually a traditional liquid liner, but with a thicker, pen style applicator.

I was really impressed with the range of products that DHC have. We were given a fab goody bag with lots to try, so I'll be reviewing some of these over the coming weeks. Top of my list will be the Deep Cleansing oil and liquid liner!

Have you tried anything by DHC before?



  1. I love the Eyelash Tonic and Lip Cream x

  2. Oh I have the oil still to try, but I didn't know they did make up so I'll love into that x

    1. I didn't know about the makeup either - it all seems great! x

  3. You're so lucky to have the chance of attending this launch event!
    I've received a sample of the DHC cleansing oil from my glossybox last year. I didn't use it straight away as I wasn't sure on the idea of an oil on my face, but after braving up to it I can say I absolutely luv it! It cleanses the skin very well leaving it nice and smooth :)
    luv to hear how u get on with the make up x

    1. will report back very soon :) lots of people are fans of the oil, I think it's their top selling product! xx


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