Temple Spa Skin Truffle

I received Skin Truffle as one of the items in my Anti-ageing Beauty Bible Latest in Beauty box a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently it received the highest ever rating for a moisturiser in the famed Beauty Bible testing, so I was very excited to try this out.

I have to be honest, i'm 28, so don't have massive signs of ageing, but do have some fine lines starting to form, so I wanted to see if this 'wonder cream' would reverse time and send me back to 21, ha ha.

It contains a list of luxury ingredients including diamond powder, gold and silk actives, grape seed champagne, black truffles and strawberry extract. Not your usual list of moisturiser ingredients!

The Skin Truffle has a velvety feel and is quite rich. It also seems like it has a slight shimmer to it (maybe this is the diamond and gold?). I applied a small amount of cream at night instead of my normal moisturiser and it did feel really nice - easily absorbed and my face felt super soft, if slightly shiny.

I went to bed with high hopes and woke up the next day to soft skin, and the fine lines I have around my mouth (I call them 'smile lines') definitely looked less visible. I wouldn't say my skin looked massively different, but after using it for a few days it definitely felt smoother and looked like i'd had a really good night's sleep.

The full size, 50ml product costs £80, so for me, I don't think this would be a realistic purchase, and I think I might be a little too young to fully see the benefits of this 'wonder cream', (the testers for the anti-ageing Beauty Bible are usually 35 and over).

It is a lovely moisturiser, and I shall be using my sample up quite happily, but I think I will be waiting a few more years before trying it again.

Have you tried Skin Truffle? What did you think?



  1. Thanks! Have you tried the Skin Truffle?

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, am off over to your blog to follow now x


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