Hourglass Script precision liquid liner - liner wars!

Hourglass is an American brand that up until very recently has been exclusive to Liberty in London.

They make products with lots of natural ingredients and according to their website:

'The prestige cosmetics collection doesn't merely pamper—it performs to minimize the visible signs of aging and maximize each woman’s individual beauty.'

As a Liberty beauty card holder (they're free to get and you earn points on stuff you buy), I was offered the chance to get one of their script liquid eyeliner pens for free to try out. 

As an eyeliner fan, i wasn't missing out on this, so went to Liberty the next day and managed to pick one up. They retail for £23, so i was keen to see how it performed against my usual Nars Eyeliner Stylo (reviewed here).

The nib on the Hourglass liner is very fine at only 0.5mm (although they do also do a thicker one), but i found it really easy to use and the nib was nice and soft, with no dragging on my eyelid. The really fine nib meant that i could get a super fine line for a more subtle look that i struggle with sometimes with my Nars liner, but i was also able to build up to a thicker line easily.

The liner has good pigmentation and didn't smudge at all during a full day of wear. Removing it was easy using my usual Bi-Facil eye make-up remover.

Here's a little shot to show you just how long this baby lasts (top line only - the bottom one is a Chanel pencil). It taken at 11pm after applying at 7.30am, no signs of wear, despite my other make-up starting to fail! (first shot of my face on the blog, scary!)

I'm going to cointinue to use this liner and see if it outlasts my Nars one - i'm keen to see if the nib gives in to the usual problems of drying out or getting clogged with eyeshadow. 

One other thing to mention is that it is listed as: vegan, gluten free, sulfate free and phthalate free, so possibly one for any of you with specific allergies/needs. It's not cheap, but for me, it's definitely worth it. 


  1. This sounds great :) I'm always looking out for a long lasting liner xx

    1. It lasts all day, including an hour commute to work on the train each day so I'm very impressed with it so far. They've just launched into a few Space NK stores too if you're not based near London, but i think you can buy online too. :)

  2. Sounds like an amazing product! Please keep us updated! =)

    1. Will do - am going to report back in a month or two with an update :)


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