Molton Brown naran ji soothing hand lotion

I know this isn't a new product, but sometimes you just have to review an old favourite.

I've had a pot of this on my desk for over a year now and have just restocked with a handbag size, courtesy of the £10 off Molton Brown voucher in this month's Marie Claire. (On a side note, Marie Claire also had a L'Occitaine hand cream on the front, so well worth the £3.80 cover price.)

Naran ji is a citrusy smell, containing orange blossom oil, grapefruit oil and vibrant orange oil. The lotion is quite runny, but absorbs really easily and doesn't leave me with a greasy feeling on my hands for ages afterwards.

Molton Brown is never cheap, and a 300ml bottle of this comes in at £16. however, it does last forever (seriously, mine went on for nearly a year with daily use).

They also do a handy handbag size of the naran ji fragrance (for some reason, they don't do it in any other fragrance) a little cheaper at £12, but you do only get 75ml. I bought one of these with the £10 Marie Claire voucher, meaning it cost me the bargain price of £2. Whoop!


  1. I love this hand cream! oh what a fabulous bargain! I've still to spend my voucher x

    1. Finding that voucher made my day, I do love Molton Brown, especially with a discount! Don't forget to share what you get with yours :)


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