What's in my handbag - the winter edit

What's in my Handbag - the winter edit
Prepare yourselves readers. This isn't going to be one of those lovely sanitized versions of 'What's In My Handbag' - this is the real deal. I've literally taken my bag today, emptied it out and attempted to make the contents look vaguely pretty for the image above.

My handbag of choice at the moment is this very cute, Michael Kors Bedford Crossbody. I love the fact that it's small, it's black and it also seems to stretch to fit in an impressive amount of crap. It was also *reasonably* affordable thanks to an autumnal 35% off code at Harvey Nichols, so I feel minimal guilt about an off-plan bag purchase.

Inside it, I've managed to cram two purses (well, technically one's a card holder but let's not get picky). My pink Aspinal card holder for all the essentials (bank card, Tastecard, various points cards) and also a mini Boden purse for actual cash. This all lives in the same pocket as my trusty Samsung S5 and basically I am completely lost if this part of my bag ever gets emptied/stolen/left behind/whatever.

There's minimal space available to cram in a makeup bag with a bag this size, but a girl's gotta look good, so I throw in my DHC liquid liner (buy one, they're AMAZING), Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, an under eye concealer and some blotting papers. I keep a sneaky hairbrush and foundation/brush in my drawer at work, so if I'm heading out after I finish I can always touch up my face and avoid looking like a scarecrow without having to carry extra stuff around. There's also my favourite Burberry Kisses lipstick, a Nivea lip balm and a leopard print nail file (no-one likes a snagged nail).

I'm also living the dream with a packet of tissues, because cold weather = runny nose; a cable for my Samsung so I can charge it via my laptop at work; keys and about 17 tampons for some unexplained reason.  Oh and I almost forgot my tube of Lanolips Golden Ointment which is basically the only thing stopping my hands resembling an 80 year old's right now.

So there you have it. My winter handbag. What's in yours right now?

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