Secret Santa with Gemporia

Gemporia secret santa
Christmas might be a long forgotten dream, so please forgive the mention for the words *secret santa* in this post (illness and the Christmas break has meant I’m a tiny bit behind schedule!). The lovely people at Gemporia set me a task just before Christmas to pick out an item from their amazing array of jewellery for the lovey Samio (see what I chose for her here) and to expect a shiny little parcel for my very own secret santa gift.

Secret Santa has bad connotations for me. In our various office ones, I’ve received slightly offensive mugs, boring joke books and all kinds of useless crap that goes in the bin as soon as I take it home. However, this was a secret santa like no other – Gemporia have so many beautiful pieces to choose from, so a surprise delivery was always going to appeal to my inner magpie.

Samio did a fantastic job at picking something out for me. This gold vermeil necklace with delicate charms on the end is exactly the sort of style I’d have chosen for myself and it’s the perfect length to layer up with other necklaces or just wear alone for a more simple look. It’s also less than £50, so really affordable but good quality at the same time.

Thanks again to Gemporia and Samio for my lovely gift. It’s definitely the best secret santa present I’ve ever had!

What’s been your best/worst secret santa present over the years?


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